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04 months agoAkibaMelonAkibaMelon
RabbitSans (4 months ago) #19494673Happy Birthday AkibaMelona!!
( ̄▽ ̄)/

Thank you so much! ^________^
05 months agoAkibaMelonAkibaMelon
RabbitSans (5 months ago) #18952807Thanks for accepting the FR!

Thank you for your FR ^^

We don't really have that much in common collection-wise (which is what I usually look at when I get a FR :p) but I kinda liked your favorites in music, shows and games from your profile section! Good taste all around :D
05 months agoSionaSiona
RabbitSans (5 months ago) #18535721I can't help myself, I like too many things! I want to narrow it down (save space and money before it's a problem) but it's hard, haha. Maybe because collecting still feels new (and I don't know what I'm doing XD), just buying what I like here and there.

Ahah that's generally how it starts indeed, we like a lot of things and we kinda want from a lot because yeah we love them, after a while you can wonder why you buy those though XD.

After that you try to narrow it down, to stick with some licences you really care, but being here and checking the news figures, you can start to like a lot more than expected... ^^' and discover new licence via their figures too :).
06 months agoSionaSiona
RabbitSans (6 months ago) #18398220Hi, sweet profile, Siona! You have soooo many figures!

Too many ! ^^'
Thanks for the FR and you have a very eclectic collection, that's nice to collect from all origins :D.
06 months agoSuppi12Suppi12
Thanks for the FR :D very happy to meet another UK collector/artist <3

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