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Thanks for looking at my account. :)
I'm not that good at making this whole profile thing but it is something.
To try it out i bought 2 Miku prize figures and from that moment the collection grew a lot. From one little plate in the shelf to three shelfs in the room (and i still have a shortage on space). I think i am the person that have multiple tastes. Figma's, scale's, prices, Nendoroids, Amiibo, they all can make me happy.
So i'm just collecting and enjoying and let the Figure companies surprise me.
If you want to know something just ask. Because i don't bite that hard.

Greetz, Rajke

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113 days agoValestein3Valestein3
Haha I like Mako but I find the members of Ankou team endearing. From Miho's shy determination, Saori's boy obsession and motherly nature, to Yukari's energy, Hana's elegance, grace, and determination, and Mako's lazy but capable nature.

I'd like a second season but I want a new cast of characters. There's also the movie that introduced a new school I think
115 days agoValestein3Valestein3
I see you like GuP. Who's your favorite girl? Mine is Hana.
121 days ago (21 days ago)ChocolateSpiderChocolateSpider
Rajke (21 days ago) #18826608Youre welcome ;) Looking forward to the conversations in the blog section.

All I can tell you now is the next post is gonna be ridiculous. Like...really really ridiculous. :P
122 days agoChocolateSpiderChocolateSpider
A new friend! Yippee!!! x3
14 months agoMuntoeMuntoe Lover of cacti ♡꒰*・ω・人・...
Rajke (4 months ago) #16036586Happy Birthday. :DThank you so much ^^ Awesome Amiibo collection btw, you have a very cool collection!

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