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I started actively collecting anime figures mid 2015 but I actually got my first figure in 2014 with the release of Naruto revolution. I've always loved anime and manga throughout the course of my life but it's only recently developed to the point where I actively watch/read and support the medium. My collection is still small but I dont ever plan on stopping anytime soon, My goal is to own 70 figures by the end of 2019.
Thanks for stopping by my profile and I hope my generic bio interested you! Feel free to hit me up or send me a request! Im open to anyone who wants to chat about this expensive yet greatly fascinating and exciting hobby! Till next time~

Still eagerly awaiting the day a PVC scale Alibaba Saluja figure is announced and released.
Preferably in his djinn equip like so:View spoilerHide spoiler

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01 hour agoT-dawgT-dawg Fictional Idols are the...
RedCloud (5 hours ago) #26308181Haha thanks man. I live all the way south in Victoria in a tiny town, Portland. It's on the border between South Australia so yeah, pretty isolated and far from Melbourne lol.
I'll be moving to Melbourne for college next year though as I'm taking a gap year :)
And yeah man I feel ya KFC fucking sucks lol. It's money though and it's been paying for my figure spending so I can't really complain aha. What was your job beforehand?

Im from the NT, Alice Springs to be exact. The true definition of being in the middle of nowhere hahaha but yeah. I used to be a bartender at the local casino but shit happened and I resigned. What course are u doing? I think I've taken like 2 gap years now haha but I was gonna move to Melbourne for uni to study Aviation but I decided to spend my savings to go to Japan during February and Philippines during March this year and now I've been in Indonesia for almost a month now haha.
07 hours agoT-dawgT-dawg Fictional Idols are the...
Thanks! I see you've got quite a collection aswell and whereabouts in Australia you from? Oh and don't worry I do slave work at KfC too quite a downgrade frim my previous job :;(∩´﹏`∩);:
03 days agoHestiaOtakuHestiaOtaku
RedCloud (3 days ago) #26216277Thanks man. It's my first time going and I've been saving all year for it so I'm really excited :)
Also couldn't help but notice the GSC Rem in your ordered. So excited for her aha

Yes, hopefully it will be released before Christmas! Also I saw your comments on the Sakura Airi figure draft. I love Sakura (best girl this season imo) and I'm very excited for that one :)
03 days agoHestiaOtakuHestiaOtaku
RedCloud (3 days ago) #26202629Yeah I'm pretty tempted to say that the Amakuni Hestia is my favourite as well. As much as I love her I think just the two I have will be fine for now lol.
I might get myself the Alter Sento figure for my Christmas present for myself or something then lol.
Since I'm going to Japan in a bit over a month and visiting Akihabara, I'm gonna try and find her there as well!

Oh, that's so cool man. I'm saving up so maybe next year I can go to Japan too. Enjoy your travel and good luck finding Sento! :)
03 days agoHestiaOtakuHestiaOtaku
RedCloud (3 days ago) #26201359God damn, that's a lot haha. But I'm no stranger to spending big on figures, I paid something similar for my 1/6 Amakuni Hestia, which to this day is my holy grail female figure lol
I noticed you have that Hestia as well, she's great isn't she :)

Yeah, I know it's a bit expensive but you won't regret getting it :D
And btw the Amakuni Hestia is my favorite figure, she's perfect. My goal is to collect all the Hestia figures, but it's hard with all the other girls like Sento tempting me (ㄒ~ㄒ)

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