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02 days agoSunChildSunChild
The images of my work PC room are online. :-)
05 months agoKaito570Kaito570
212 figures and growing wait to go collecting figures is fun, but I hate when they gather dust.
07 months agofallen_shadowfallen_shadow
I understand. There are some figures in my collection that I wouldn't have bought if I had had more time to think about buying or not buying them. Some I only bought because the character had much screen time in the manga to this time but later disappeared. Now I try to think twice about each interesting figure before I order it or not. Especially since I'm missing space.

Do you sell your figures for the same price for which you bought them?

Reichi (7 months ago) #1914768Yes, it is often very difficult to sell your favorite figure. And sometimes not very sad. Eventually you get used to each of them and you begin to see that some figure did not fit into the collection, but some formed the whole direction of the collection and can not be sold.
I came to the conclusion that the collection can not only grow, but must change. Not only quantitatively but also qualitatively. Therefore, the collection is changing according to my tastes.
07 months agofallen_shadowfallen_shadow
Isn't it sad selling figures? Especially since you probably bought them because you like them.

Reichi (7 months ago) #1914737Thank you!
Yes, of course, I have this problem. I partially solved this problem by selling some figures.
07 months agofallen_shadowfallen_shadow
Nice collection.
Don't you have space problems with more than 200 figures?

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