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I started collecting in November 2009, Saber Lily item #5769 was my first figure.

I collect prepainted figures female 1/8 to 1/6 (or equivalent size if not to scale):

1. Armed with hand to hand or range weapon (no fire arms) or with magic casting device.
2. Cast-off (my favorites are those with a weapon).

I tend to buy only one figure of a character. Like in French grammar, a rule is not a rule unless it has exception(s).

1. Weapon category: all Saber (my 1st figure) with a weapon (1/8 to 1/6);
2. Cast-off: all Sonico (1/8 to 1/6) so she's my Saber equivalent in cast-off;
3. Tony Taka's figures even if she does not have a weapon or is not cast-off;
4. I have 2 figures outside my scale, item #394 item #393. Mireille Bouquet is the Mascott of FFF (French Figure Fan Base).

I have a few other figures not within my parameters, they are gifts.

Here is my collection (photos Jan-Mar 2015)

Dining Room

Top of right cabinet and first shelf: Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS - 2nd Yamashita Shunya - 3rd Ikki Tousen/Noir - 4th Alice Soft games. Top of left cabinet: item #75578 - top shelf Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica/Black ★ Rock Shooter - 2nd Hyakka Ryouran - 3rd Shin Koihime†Musou/tall orphans figures - 4th Weekly Shōnen Jump (Naruto/Bleach/One Piece)

Living Room

Touhou Project Top 5 shelves on the right (2 Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai on the 5th shelf). Orphans figures in the bottom shelf, CDs and DVDs empty spaces and left 3rd, 4th and 7th shelves. Mon-sieur BOME are spread out on the left bottom 2nd 5th and 6th.



Top shelf: Tales series - 2nd Shingeki no Bahamut - 3rd Sword Art Online - 4th armed with a weapon and an apron - 5th Witchblade/Druaga no Tou - 6th Atelier Rorona/Meruru with Sonicos in the background.

My Computer Room

I keep a file on the figures I have. I was about to do the entry for Sonken Chuubou (Renfa). You can see one of the 10 books I made covering my collection.

East Wall

Right to left top to bottom. 1st cabinet: 1st to 5th Queen's Blade serie - 6th mostly Bastard!! - 7th orphans. 2nd cabinet 1st and 2nd orphans - 3rd large breasts- 4th demons - 5th classroom - 6th music - 7th Sonico. 3rd cabinet top One Piece/Mahou Shoujo Ai - 2nd laying - 3rd large breasts - 4th relaxing - 5th and 6th Urushihara Satoshi/orphans - 7th Dendrobium/orphans - 8th Maken-Ki!/orphans. 4th cabinet top Senran Kagura/orphans - 2nd Seven Deadly Sins - 3rd Ikki Tousen - 4th Misc - 5th and 6th Maids

My Bedroom

West Wall.

Right to left top to bottom. 1st cabinet: top shelf Claymore/Kara no Kyoukai - 2nd Lineage II - 3rd Jingai Makyo/Chaos;Head - 4th to 6th To Heart series/orphans. 2nd cabinet all Fate series, mainly Saber. 3rd cabinet top 2 shelves orphan figures - 3rd and 4th Saber - 5th and 6th orphans - bottom Tears to Tiara. 4th cabinet orphans or 2 figures from a serie. 5th cabinet top 2 shelves Dragon's Crown/orphans - 3rd Shuraki - 4th and 5th Zero no Tsukaima/mages - bottom Odin Sphere/orphans.

East Wall

Right to left top to bottom. 1st cabinet: top Princess Waltz - 2nd to 4th orphan. 2nd to 4th cabinets 1s to 4th shelf Tony Taka figures 2nd cabinet 5th shelf magicians 6th orphans. 3rd cabinet 5th orphans 6th Fairy Tail.

Hentai figures behind the wood pannels (mfc link). Right Pannels: 1st to 3rd having fun - 4th tied up. Left Pannels: Top Bible Black/Nunally - 2nd tied up - 3rd Giga Pulse - 4th Bathroom

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03 months agoRejean235Rejean235 Give her a weapon
FgrClctn (3 months ago) #21768865Wow, that's a very impressive collection! Excellently displayed, too! ... I do photo book documenting of my Volks Dollfie clothing...Thanks a lot. I just looked at your excellent photos of Dollfies and accessories. Displaying boxes like you do for figures would seem weird for me. When I decided to collect I specifically restricted myself from the start to prepainted 1/6 to 1/8 except for the Noir figures because Mireille Bouquet is the mascot of FFF.
03 months agoFgrClctnFgrClctn
Rejean235 (3 months ago) #21634956Hi, I was looking at your collection when I read your post for item #219009. When I saw you had 641 prepainted figures, I was curious to see how many swimsuit girls you had given your comment (99) although only 2 of them are in your 19 favorites (item #125 and item #29248. When looking at collections I sort prepainted to get rid of the rest since I strictly collect those.
I then read your about section in your profile; we have two points in common: I'm retired and started collecting in 2009. When I divorced and my wife kept all furniture, books, etc and I moved in an empty apartment. Therefore I was looking for something to decorate my new place.
Wow, that's a very impressive collection! Excellently displayed, too! My display area is very small; and I'm now sharing it with my Volks Super Dollfies & Dollfie Dreams. The rest are in boxes in the garage & attic. I do cycle them out for display seasonally, but it's getting to be a major effort to make selections. You're more organized with books documenting your collection; I just use the manage feature of MFC to upate and copy that file into my database. I do photo book documenting of my Volks Dollfie clothing, and you can see from what I've been able to document through MFC's resources that it's a sizeable subset of my collecting.
04 months agoTiamat26Tiamat26
Rejean235 (4 months ago) #20534396Non, elle n'a pas d'arme!

Ah c'est vrai je n'y avais pas assez pensse LOL

Je la trouve cute celle la.

= )

04 months agoTiamat26Tiamat26
Salut Rejean .

Je me demandais si tu avait cette figurine car c'est belle et bien une Saber. J'ai peut-etre pas remarque quand j'etais chez toi la semaine passe.

= )

04 months ago (4 months ago)Tiamat26Tiamat26
Rejean235 (4 months ago) #20286428C'etait bien agréable de se revoir. Cela fait du bien de discuter figurines et animé pendant des heures. Est-ce que ton épouse afait un commentaire sur les figurines?

Elle en a trouver 2 belles. Et celle qui nap pas fait son affaire et la rose ( poliere du future ) trop decolter pour elle.
Mais que veut tu c'est ma collection HEHHE

J'ai trouver Kanu comme la tienne sur un site mais Escuse le mot ( Criss ) $ 786 US pour la meme version que toi.

Je l'ai aussi trouver neuve pour 230 US.. Mais avec l'echange Outch.. Et surtous qua un point Elle etait dans le Bargain bin AmiAmi a 9800 Yen.. J'ai de la misere a justifier sa.

= )


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