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Hey there, Rekka here, cosplayer and figurine collector of the northwest. =]

If you want to see my cosplay work: (ext link)

If you want to see my anilist: (ext link)

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01 day agoRekkaRekka
snarfles (1 day ago) #3238330o3o

01 day agosnarflessnarfles
02 days agoxuerenxueren
Rekka (2 days ago) #3235013Your inbox is full! >_<;;
I am possibly interested? I've found Singapore to be really cheap for international shipping in splits, but I am unfamiliar if full-sized figures also have a cheap price. XD

I'm not sure if it's considered cheap either but I think it'll cost between SG$18-25 or if you know roughly how much it weighs, you can get an estimate here (ext link). one thing though, there are 3 people before you who have expressed interest already but haven't confirmed. >.< I'll get back to you once they confirm or drop. ^.^

Ah, I have no idea how much he'd weigh. >~<;; 18 SGD is tempting, but GSC shipping to the USA is a flat 2000 yen so I'm wondering if I'd save much in the GO if it were any more than that. Please keep me posted, but I would prefer a GO in the USA (hoping someone will open one; I'm going to inquire in the suggestions thread now). Thank you so much for your quick reply! =)

Sorry, just cleared some stuff. >.<
I have no idea how much he'll weigh either...there's also a possibilty that shipping would end up more than $25. >.<
Oh, maybe you didn't know but Nendoroid N has shipping restrictions. "Currently available for shipment to Singapore, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Thailand only." It's probably the reason I'm getting such overwhelming interest. You can still get it from Amazon JP using a proxy/ forwarding service though, or from the Pokemon center. I'll keep you updated and no problem! (* ̄∇ ̄)ノ
01 month agoRekkaRekka
FlameAlchemist (1 month ago) #3064866Hi Rekka!
Wanted to let you know that I am sending out invoices for the Haikyuu!! Talismans and your inbox is full.

Sorry, should have a bit of room now.
01 month agoFlameAlchemistFlameAlchemist
Hi Rekka!

Wanted to let you know that I am sending out invoices for the Haikyuu!! Talismans and your inbox is full.

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