RhyeRhye Well hell fire, save matches, fuck a duck and see what hatches.


What about me ?

Well I'm a collector of figures, obviously xD, PVC and Polystone.

My Figure collection in PVC is mostly random from anime and games, gotta thing for guns and swords though. Statues in Polystones are more towards my love for comics and movies.

Love movies, anime, TV series. Anything from clever lawyer plots to dark mysterious fantasy.

I have a big love for Japan. Feel at home when I'm there. I'm also learning Japanese, for me its great that I know a little when travelling through Japan, I get to talk to the people and its always a lovely chat ^^

Music wise I love pop/rock/Jrock/Jpop and jazz/blues.

Oh yeah I'm also a fan of sports cars ^^ I own one and its bright yellow. He's got a name too, Bumble Bee !

Cya around here !

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02 months agoOeKintarouGOeKintarouG
Are you quitting the collecting hobby? ;-;
03 months ago_Sp3cuLaR__Sp3cuLaR_
Hello, I contacted you 2 days ago via PM for one of your sale, dunno if your inbox is full (regarding the comments below), so I prefer to be sure, hope you will answer soon. Thanks :)
05 months agokwontickwontic

do you still have this item for sale. item #272,sale #49169. if so can i buy it. also your inbox is full.

07 months agoYoruYoru
Rhye (7 months ago) #2031462Hi ! Sorry haven't been around lately. Saito is still available! Economy shipping is 13.10 euros to Italy, total would be 55 euros through paypal or 53 euros through european banktransfer. Thanks !

No problem, of course! ^^
Thank for your reply and yep, I'd buy him.
Could you send me your bank data by PM, please? :3
07 months agoYoruYoru
I'm still interested in Saito. :P

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