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01 month agonoobcollector23noobcollector23
do you still have hashirama tsume hqs up for sale?
03 months agojoeAUSjoeAUS
fb: Joe Souksomboun

Rikodou (3 months ago) #21965487May I know your facebook? I will add you for faster communication
Don't you wanna reserve the piece?
I sold multiple items in the collecting community if that may help.
03 months agojoeAUSjoeAUS
can i get your details or some other contact when it comes available?
Rikodou (3 months ago) #21935648Not yet sir just base item price.
03 months agojoeAUSjoeAUS
including shipping?
Rikodou (3 months ago) #218918331350 Singaporean Dollar not United States Dollar
03 months agojoeAUSjoeAUS
thats double retails price...
Rikodou (3 months ago) #21877778Yes still selling 1350 SGD bro good price

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