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I'm RockGodItachi and I'm a huge Anime and Anime figure fan! I have been watching Anime now for over 6 years and I can't see myself stopping anytime soon as there's so many shows/movies I want to watch and genres I want to explore!
Here's my Anime Planet profile showing how many I've watched and what I'm currently watching: - anime | manga | reviews

I have a You Tube channel dedicated to my collection where I do unboxing video's and reviews.

Chat to me on Facebook: [ext link ]
Follow me on Tumblr: [ext link ]

My Waifu's 乂❤‿❤乂

Satellizer El Bridget

Boa Hancock
Super Sonico
Kei Kishimoto

My Clubs:
Satellizer Love! club #1108

Seishoujo FTW club #1328

If you want to chat about Anime or figures feel free to send me a friend request as I'm always looking to make new friends!
( ⌒o⌒)人(⌒-⌒ )v

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01 day agoTaigaSuzumiyaTaigaSuzumiya
RockGodItachi (1 month ago) #10172529View spoilerHide spoilerYou can jump for joy today! Happy Birthday!! ^V^ Have a good one! (*^U^*)

Thank you for the birthday wish! :)
09 days agoVodkanrollVodkanroll
A little late but, happy birtday. Receive a enormous hug from Satellizer ;)
09 days agoVodkanrollVodkanroll
RockGodItachi (16 days ago) #11235059Hey! Haven't found the other mouse pad you want yet.... I'm hunting! XD
Have found this one though. :)
[ext link ]

;( ;( my wrist needs it desperately!
011 days agoRockGodItachiRockGodItachi
Bearcat (14 days ago) #11326435Oooh is it your birthday?! It's mine too lol what a coincidence!!
Happy birthday! Have a fabulous day and eat lots of cake :D hope you get all the waifus you've ever wished for :3

It was! Really!? Mine was on the 12th! lol A belated Happy Birthday to you! Hope you had a great day! Same to you! Thanks! :D

ChocolateSpider (14 days ago) #11327003Happy birfday, bruh! x3

Thanks! :)

OtakuWonda (14 days ago) #11327235Happy Birthday!!! (^w^)/

Thank you! :D

Itachi_Uchiha112 (14 days ago) #11327294Happy birthday!

Thank you! (*^V^*)

Chichi9521 (14 days ago) #11327295Happy birthday! :)

Thanks! ^^

crashtestash31 (14 days ago) #11327308Happy birthday ^^

Thanks! ^V^

MarKs (14 days ago) #11327310Happy birthday :D

Thanks! :D

Kirito-dono (14 days ago) #11327334Happy b-day! :D

Thanks! :D

Lolixdonut (14 days ago) #11345769Happy Birthday!! \(^A^

Thank you! ^O^

BoricuaDrago (14 days ago) #11352184

Thanks mate! :D messaged you on G+. ^^

x_enomoto (14 days ago) #11352939Happy Bday!!!

Thank you! ^^

Belikov_xp (14 days ago) #11353445Thanks for accepting!
Happy Birthday!

That's OK. :) Thank you! ^^

KiteH4cK (14 days ago) #11354649Happy Birthday \(^-^)/

Thank you! (*^O^*)

jessicrotte (14 days ago) #11356596happy Birthday Dave the anime figure lover! Hope you unbox a bunch of sexy figures today!

Thanks Jess the Sonico lover! I didn't sadly, as I spent most of the day watching Naruto Shippuden, did unbox Space Dandy though! ^^

miishkaa (14 days ago) #11356608Happy Birthday to the coolest anime figure collector on Youtube! Hope your day is full of Sonico, cake, and figures!

Love the fact it the comments went Jess then Mia! lol Thanks Mia! I don't know about cool though! You guys are way cooler than me! Well it did involve cake and figures but no Sonico but that will be changing soon.....

Tiamat26 (14 days ago) #11359423Ah so a little birdie told me that it was your birthday so I wanted to drop in and celebrate with you. I hope that you have had a wonderful day and that this evening will be one to remember.
= )
Happy Birthday !!!!
Since you are the most dedicated Satillizer fan in the UK; Here is the best cosplay that I found of her.
Happy birthday once more.
= )

Thanks Tia! I did have a wonderful day! I watched some Naruto Shippuden, had a lovely steak dinner and managed to unbox a Space Dandy figure too, before chatting to my friends in the evening. :)

This is AMAZING!!! I wan tot marry her! lol

darksicus (13 days ago) #11359861Happy Birthday

Thank you! ^^

J-VrE (13 days ago) #11364171Happy Birthday, Rocky G! Hope your day gets filled with PVC!! ;P

Thanks Jammy J-VrE! Well I unboxed Space Dandy so that counts right!? lol

Nozuchi (13 days ago) #11402501Little late to the party but Happy birthday :P

Thanks! Thank you for thinking of us! :)

Maakie (12 days ago) #11419138I'm super busy so I'm very late with all my messages, sorry!
Anyway, a happy birthday to you! :D

That's OK, we're all busy! :) Thanks Maakie! Will try to send you a new message soon! ^^
011 days agoRockGodItachiRockGodItachi
cgcheok (14 days ago) #11319798Happy Birthday rockgod itachi,i hope you not just a year older,but a year better :D

Thank you! Well hopefully! lol

OppaFaustusStyle (14 days ago) #11319878Happy Birthday!~ (:

Thank you! :)

DanteMagica (14 days ago) #11320731Tanjyoubi omedetou! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

Arigatou! (*^V^*)

SerpentyleTorc (14 days ago) #11320745Happi B-day!
I wish you lots of sexy and manly plastic.

Thank you! Lol well I unboxed Space Dandy item #198563 and but didn't get round to unboxing Yuko Sagiri which was my plan! item #144769

Luka-nyan (14 days ago) #11321160Happy Birthday!!! :D

Thank you! :D

Mitsuna (14 days ago) #11321666Happy Birthday!! Have a wonderful day :D

Thank you! I did! I spent most of the day watching Naruto Shippuden! lol

TyjosAzari (14 days ago) #11322355Happy Birthday! Hope it's a good one for you!

Thanks! It was! ^^

Taskie13 (14 days ago) #11322358Happy B-day dude!

Thank you! :D

Carmina (14 days ago) #11322779Happy birthday! Have a great one.

Thanks! It was a good one despite a massive thunder storm happening! lol

Hiltun (14 days ago) #11323609I'm one of your youtube fans, Happy birthday man enjoy it with the waifus and keep up the great content wife

Thank you! Thanks for watching and supporting the channel! :D I did enjoy it! ^^

greatlandstander (14 days ago) #11324324Happy birthday dude!

Thanks! ^V^

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