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Started collecting about 5 years ago, however, I did build gunpla at a very basic level while I was in high school. Collection's a bit all over the place, but I really do love all of my figures.

Outside of figure collecting, I enjoy playing games and drawing. I Mostly play RPGs, fighting games and shmups. Xenogears is pretty much my favourite RPG and most recently, it's Xenoblade Chronicles X. As for fighting games I play pretty much all of them. I'm pretty new to shmups but I'll say my favourite games in the genre would be G-Darius followed by DoDonPachi Saidaioujou.

Not much of a reader, but I enjoy playing through visual novels. Muv-Luv is probably the greatest thing to happen. Ever. Coming in second place is Fate/Stay Night, and in particular, the Heaven's Feel route.

As for drawing, while I really enjoy it, I'm currently only an amateur as I've only started to draw regularly. I'm looking to improve my watercolouring skills.
Fighting Games, Shmups, RPGs, Visual Novels, Action Games
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