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121 month agozonicmiragezonicmirage
Jesus tap-dancing Christ you need to be banned. A day ago and 30 pages of spam.
51 month agoYabaYaba
24 days later and customer support still hasn't helped me...Japan-bests satisfied or refund policy is absolute BS
42 months agoYabaYaba
Your customer support stopped replying after I asked about a refund for my damaged figure, Please help I feel as though I have been cheated of my money
02 months ago (2 months ago)shinhawkshinhawk
I was told your store has the Final Fantasy VII Amiibos in stock. I'd like to order a few.
03 months ago (3 months ago)zonicmiragezonicmirage
It would probably be a good idea to purge the comments. On some pages, the bot posted at least twice in a row.
53 months agougendougendo Birdie✿✿✿
I think it's hilarious this bot came on, spammed for 10 hours, and hasn't been back since. Honestly if you want to promote your business do it respectfully and interact with your customers, not this garbage.
03 months agoPoyanyoPoyanyo
Does Japan-Best accept Paypal?
03 months agoElixirElixir
Is this site legit? I really have to wonder.
13 months agoEuroticaEurotica
kevinlowl (3 months ago) #2547299Top right corner:

Thank you SO MUCH!
53 months ago (3 months ago)GodYagamiGodYagami
Holy fuck. I was away for two days and almost had a heart attack with all this spam.

Edit: No, uh, seriously do you think people are going to buy after all this spam? I don't think this is the right method of marketing and make customers happy.
03 months agoHokutoHokuto
kevinlowl (3 months ago) #2547299Top right corner:

43 months agokevinlowlkevinlowl
Hokuto (3 months ago) #2546865is there a way to ignore an user?
Top right corner:
03 months agoHokutoHokuto
is there a way to ignore an user?
53 months ago (3 months ago)zonicmiragezonicmirage
I see the rampage stopped. Seriously, there is no valid excuse for the spam.
23 months ago (3 months ago)KronutKronut
At least have the decency to post in a way that does not set off the alerts on MFC when you post. I've gotten 10+ messages from this now.

(ext link)
13 months agoa_ak57a_ak57
adrikyn (3 months ago) #2546631You comment on and link to items that you aren't even selling.
Yeah, I've seen them post about figures that have been cancelled too. -_-

They need to be banned from the site, this is ridiculous.
73 months agoadrikynadrikyn
You comment on and link to items that you aren't even selling.
123 months agomashtachanmashtachan
I wasn't going to comment, but I just had to say this.

It's one thing if the prices were listed properly, but some of your used prices are higher than the new prices. Not to mention that some of the prices are a bit unreasonable in my opinion.
103 months agoadrikynadrikyn
Oh my god, stop spamming on every figure page please... It's annoying.
133 months agoDustinKimDustinKim
Well, I won't bring my business to this person's site for any near future

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