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05 years agoMsNixMsNix
RyoSaeba (5 years ago) #1079681Ooo that does look nice. And i'm not keen on painting GK either haha. Don't really have time these days. Too many hobbies as well hehe. One of these days i'll get back into photography. Still so many figures I have yet to photograph.oh :D I look fwd to that day.
05 years ago (5 years ago)MsNixMsNix
RyoSaeba (5 years ago) #1078536Hard to say. Nothing has really caught my attention these days. The only one I can think of is the Dizzy figure from Alter that was released a while back.yeah that's a pretty epic figure ^_^ well that's a shame nothing has grabbed your attention, but then again, depending on situation I find my want for things definitely dwindles. The recent wonderfest sparked a lot of interest in me again, so I am happy for that, My interest in GKs in particular, how ever I do not paint and have any knowledge past building gundam.haha but this item #116999 was an instant want!
05 years agoMsNixMsNix
RyoSaeba (5 years ago) #1078038Hi! Nice to meet you. Thanks for the compliments. Haven't bought anything for a while now unfortunately. Other things requires my money these days like mortgages. :( I'm in Perth. :)oh no dreaded mortgage! Is there anything you would buy figure wise right now if you could?
05 years agoMsNixMsNix
oh my gosh why aren't we friends on this board yet!? absolutely love your collection and tips for the shelving in Detolf. Where in Australia are you?
05 years agoangelbottangelbott
Your collection is cool. ^^

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