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Welcome to my Profile! :D

I've been collecting for 2+ years now! Here's a little blog about how I slipped into this awesome hobby :)
(mfc link)

I also have my own small FB-Page [ext link ] I write about my new arrivals, new figures and some figure reviews, check them out!
Here's my Twitter where I post new pics and some random stuff: [ext link ]

If you have questions, feel free to PM me or send me a FR :)

These are all my additions from 2016

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17 months agoAkibaMelonAkibaMelon
Hey ^_^ Ich wollte nur kurz sagen, dass ich sowohl deine Sammlung als auch deine Bilder echt klasse finde. Hatte gerstern deine FB-Seite geliket nachdem ich deine Bilder von der übergeilen Link-Figur von GSC in einer Gruppe gesehen habe *_* Ich bereue es immernoch, die damals nicht vorbestellt zu haben T_T Aber vlt ergibt sich ja nochmal eine Gelegenheit :D

Liebe Grüße :)
11 year agotheyasminshowtheyasminshow Cashmere Cannonball
Hey there, I saw your blog this morning before (you?) took it down so I wasn't able to comment but, no reason to not see this as a lesson in shopping responsibility going forward, and don't listen to that numbnuts who suggested cancelling. Peace.
01 year agosaitojharrysaitojharry
Hi! Thanks for accepting my FR! I just love your Mammon review and i'd love to read more of your work in the future. You're amazing! :)
01 year agoDendeDende
Yo o/ I didn't know it could happen, I just cleaned a bit.
About the figure, I thought I could take pics today but I actually can't find where I stored it :''')
So I'm cleaning a bit my place rn so I can check my boxes better.
Don't worry it's probably in a safe place but that's why I really need to sell some stuff :D

Ryukosama (1 year ago) #9631702Hi :D I wanted to message you, but your inbox is full :O
It's about the racing Miku :)
02 years agoVamppyVamppy
OMG, Du hast Dir auch die Sonico Paisura Bikini Version item #235622 bestellt! XDDD
Nachdem ich das picture #1248468 gesehen hatte, konnte ich einfach nicht wiederstehen. *HAPPY*
Ich glaube, dass man das Oberteil ausziehen kann, oder?! Hihi

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