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010 months agoScytheGodAliceScytheGodAlice
I recieved her the other day. Took it awhile to get here but was well worth the wait! thank you for my first figure and it being a smooth deal :D
I saw you had ppl rate you and I was wanting to rate you the top marks too but idk how to do it.
I'd give you a 5/5 tho! :)
010 months agoScytheGodAliceScytheGodAlice
your inbox is full :( msg me tho! im interested in horizon :D
02 years agocableddcabledd
Ekaterina arrived safe and sound.. She's awesome! Thanks for the simple, straightforward, sale. :)
02 years agoSocratics101Socratics101
So you're the anon who regretted getting Azusa. Well, good luck getting rid of her.
02 years agoMugenTenshinFRDMugenTenshinFRD
Thanks for accepting my FR!
I really like your collection. :)

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