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06 years agoImanovImanov
Same here, I've never watched Queens Blade but still have a deep interest in the figures~

I think Menace is a cutie, I love her design, but I still prefer tough looking battle girls as Risty and Echidona xP

If you see Risty for a great price, I'm here to be communicate xD!

See you ^^
06 years agoImanovImanov
Yup, I got in contact with the seller here, but he changes the status to 'unavailable' to 'available' as he wants and also don't reply messages ( Since the system shows the time each one is online, I'm SURE he read it, but doesn't matter anymore... ); I can't afford one of the eBay pieces now, they are asking 2x and sometimes 3x the general price :/! I'll continue looking for her, and maybe I can get it on a great price in a near future ( OR NEVER, HAHA ); in this order of liking: Risty > Ekidona > Melona > Ymir ( black ver. ) > Kathleya. As I need to make a choice, sure, Risty! The figures are kinda expensive and I'm just a poor student looking for a job x)
06 years agoImanovImanov
Mmm, I see... I'm looking for Risty, but it's being hard to get her in an affordable price from now... The green version of Melona also would make me happy x); If you're planning on selling the non- Queen's Blade figs, here's the place, try the selling section ^^

Have a nice day~
06 years agoFabriceFabrice
welcome to the board, hope youll enjoy your stay here, and all the best with the figure collecting!
06 years agoImanovImanov
By the way, you do have a incredible taste for female figures, they're amazing ^^... Let us see some pictures soon :D

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