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I really love magical girl anime! I really dislike bootlegs!

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02 years agoDjibrilDjibril
Happy Birthday! ^^
02 years agodailong06dailong06
Happy birthday!
02 years agoShenWongShenWong
Happy Birthday! Have a nice day! :D
03 years agoR_DorothyR_Dorothy
Hello! I'm the person who just bought the Dark Magician Girl figure from you! It's nice to find you on this site!
04 years agoLemonpezLemonpez
SadameMusoukaI agree. My Wished list is soo big. We're getting some Black Butler figures this weekend. I want to add Pokemon Zukan on here.

If you have the time and the information I think you should. I feel to lazy to dig up some of the correct info for some of the ones I have that aren't listed, but maybe someday. Are the Black Butler figures Trading Figures?

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