SakiyaSakiya  ~黄昏のマスタ~

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02 months agoSturmhornisseSturmhornisse
Sakiya (2 months ago) #18288816Your personal boredom-prevention comment system has started :D


Looking forward to it :P
04 months agoTaigaSuzumiyaTaigaSuzumiya
09 months agoKat_KaichoKat_Kaicho
Sakiya (9 months ago) #12516613Ah no worries, thanks! >v<Did you get anything good for your birthday?! 8D
09 months agoKat_KaichoKat_Kaicho
Happy Belated Birthday! I would have sent you birthday wishes, but I was out of town without net. Hope it was a good one!
010 months agoThunderThunder
Happy Birthday!

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