SayanyanSayanyan Agaa~



"H#Y," the wriggling lump of flesh burbles,

"SK%guj!%~? &YGo^#1sGjisKIREs5#%0sK473?"
"H#H#. K$5GiVe52fdf%^$TSU+BA. HI#~TG^Sk5tI#GR3NSTLY."

Three such creatures are sitting around the table in front of me, slurping filthy sludge from their cups as they trade whines, growls, and sounds that I can hardly describe.

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05 years agoMacMillanMacMillan
Welcome to the board!
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Welcome to MyFigureCollection! :D
Enjoy your time here :D
05 years agoTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board Sayanyan! :)

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