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010 days agoMaakieMaakie
Sazako (12 days ago) #24327042haha right back at you as well for your reply thank you.
Yeah I'm in full agreement with you with preparing photos and just writing an article in general. have to select the best then post-process. You've made a fantastic contribution to this site as well. I've probably said this before but I really like your review style and figure choices.
Myself I am working on a new article I have a draft written and photos up here. Just got to find time to do a final re-write over and more supporting photos.
I'm halfway through my re-watch of lucky star and it is as glorious as I remember it from almost 10 years back. definitely an anime which defines my golden age of anime.
Anything you like from summer won fest?

Thanks! <3 I'm really glad that (even if it's a smaller group) people are enjoying my style in writing and taste in figures. :)

So, what's the article you are working on, a new review?

I have a grab box unboxing over here almost ready. After that I need time to proofread and to upload itself, lol. I used to upload my reviews mostly in the morning when I had evening-shift at work, but in the last few months I have been working a lot of overtime, so I don't have free mornings anymore. :P And in the evening I'm way too tired to proofread and upload. :P

I have Lucky Star ready over here to rewatch! I will have a week off in 2 weeks, so I hope I manage to squeeze it into there!

To be honest with you...I did not have the time yet to check all the entries, haha! Ask me again in a few days and I can have a more full answer. xD The only thing I know is that from the figures I was following over here, not that much of them were updated. What about you? Do you have a list of what you like? :)
013 days agoMaakieMaakie
Sazako (16 days ago) #24208365Hey No problems and thank you. Glad you got it and glad to be friends with you!

Aww, so sweet of a reply! :D

Recently I have been working on sorting through pictures for new reviews and grab box unboxings, but have not gotten to the actual writing yet, ahah!
01 month agoMaakieMaakie
Completely missed out on the notification of your friend request SORRY! Accepted of course! :)
02 months agoFlandreFlandre
Thank you :3
010 months agoNewbieNubNewbieNub
Thank you :^)

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