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I do not know where to start yet. For now let us just say I am a paradox, and I have a habit of being really creepy. I do not use exclamation points. Also I am very, very formal. I am extremely antisocial, though do not hesitate to say hi because I am very lonely....*cough* Thanks for stopping by.

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02 months agoAmbAmb ....?!
Happy birthday, good Sir.
01 year agoAmbAmb ....?!
Happy Birthday friend!

Kittens everywhere!!
02 years agoMySmileMySmile
Happy birthday =)
02 years agoAmbAmb ....?!
Scrimshaw (2 years ago) #2984619Happy Birthday...Watch out for bears, sneaky bastards...
I'll keep an eye out for them >>
02 years agoAmbAmb ....?!
Merry Christmas :)

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