SenSeauSenSeau Met Nobuo Uematsu - April 2nd

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03 years agomisawymisawy
05 years agoSenSeauSenSeau
Met Alodia today in JR toys.
05 years agoYamiUsagiYamiUsagi
Hello! Thank you very much for commenting on my post about taking better pictures. I thought I'd reply on your page instead of the post itself since you'll definitely see it here.

You're right about good photos being subjective. Here's something to give you a better idea of the pictures I have in mind. (mfc link) [ext link ] [ext link ] . I love that these photos create a set for the figure. They really do it justice and there's just as much art in the set as there is the figure itself.

What you said about references was really helpful too! I've never really thought about doing that and I'm sure it would be help me alot! ^^

As for a DSLR camera, what do you suggest? I'm also slightly reluctant to let my current one go based on what the teacher at a photography workshop I attended said. She reccomended that I keep it because it has a really good macro lens and a DSLR lens with equal capabilities would be expensive. Do you think that's true or should I just sell it and put the money towards a DSLR? If it helps, here are some of the non-figure pictures I've taken with it [ext link ] [ext link ] [ext link ]

And would any desk lamp with regular lightbulbs be ok or do I need special lightbulbs?

Once again, thank you for the help and I'm sorry about all of the questions ^^'
05 years agoCanuleiaCanuleia
SenSeauThank you. I like soulmates.
05 years agoCanuleiaCanuleia
Oh boy! i love your post about male and whore figures, you're my soulmate in figure opinion xD <3

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