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Hiya, I am Sennari.

My Tumblr! go to college and major in Asian Studies! I hope to be able to go to Japan numerous times in my life and get to experience the culture and everything that is there! I like a lot of things like Evangelion, Persona, Dangan Ronpa, ect, which means more merch and figures I want to buy T wT
I love chatting so feel free to chat if you want too c:
Also I got my boyfriend into figure collecting!

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014 days agojwilksjwilks
Sennari (14 days ago) #2388182yaaay you are hereee! Finally >B)
oh myy c:
01 month agoSilverPotatoSilverPotato
Sennari (1 month ago) #2342830Yeah I saw a post on tumblr that the distributor who would sell/get the Sega prizes for HLJ and such went out of business..which sucks because there were 2 really nice shinji and kaworu figures i wanted!! D:
yess servant Komaeda is soo great. What do you need to finish for your normal Komaeda cosplay? oo you like wadanohara? I am interested in the game but haven't gotten around to playing it b: good you should be excited for your cosplays!! :D
Oh! Well that makes sense then! It's a bummer though I don't think I'll be able to find those prize figures anywhere else! And I hope you can eventually find those shinji and kaworu figures you were looking forward to!! But as for the komaeda cosplay! All I really have to do is finish his jacket and shirt and then that's just about it! Seeing as I'm not planning on going to a con as him anytime soon I'm sitting back and focusing on the fukami cosplay instead! I really suggest giving wadanohara a shot! It's a really well made game, and it's just in general really well written haha
01 month agoSilverPotatoSilverPotato
Sennari (1 month ago) #2336957Oo that's cool!! Soon your collection will grow B) Prize figures are very nice! Do you look for them on HobbyLink Japan? That is what I use for prizes c: and they usually aren't a lot, like $15 for a scale prize figure c: It also depends on who is making the figures too. I bet you are saving up for cosplay stuff c; I was on your blog yesterday and saw your cosplay pics as butler Komaeda, and I really liked it!! I need to get a new Komaeda wig and finish making the jacket with my friend c:
Also I would love to cosplay DR:another episode Komaeda because he is so greatttt
Haha yeah I normally use Hobby link japan for my prize figures! Unfortunately they just discontinued two figures I pre ordered and was waiting for?????????????????? According to some people, they discontinued all pre-ordered sega products, so I'm not sure what's going on now haha. As for the cosplay stuff! I'm happy to hear you like the komaeda butler photos, they're pretty old but I'm still proud of them, and then I'm actually thinking about throwing some stuff together for the new DR:AE komaeda design eventually as well! But not anytime soon seeing as I haven't even finished his original outfit at all heh.. I'm currently putting stuff together for a fukami cosplay (from wadanohara) though! So I'm excited for that haha
01 month agoSilverPotatoSilverPotato
Sennari (1 month ago) #2336380Thanks!! I hope so too C: Omg thank you!! I have been collecting figures/merch for 5 years now I believe! It doesn't help that I got into some new anime and now I really want the figures of them x: When it comes to dangan ronpa figures I like..want them all xD;
How about you? c: How long have you been collecting for?
hmmm I don't fully remember... Maybe around for a year or so? Haha but yeah I'm fairly new at this! I do the same thing when I see a new show too! I'm saving most of my money for other stuff though, so I normally look into prize figures and stuff like that!
01 month ago (1 month ago)SilverPotatoSilverPotato
Sennari (1 month ago) #2335620Oo ok but that's good!! That;s great you got all 3 C: Yeah I got them on Amiami! Hinata went down to 500yen and Komaeda is at 1000yen but on backorder o: so hopefully my order for Komaeda goes through, but I snagged Hinata! I am excited xD; Ah that's great to hear! I hope everything works out a'okay friend!! (Also you have a really cool figure collection sO GOOD JOB MAN HAHA)

Edit: whoops I thought the first message didn't send, just ignore this one haha (still don't understand how this messaging system works)

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