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FB Cospage: Sennari Cosplays love buying merch of my favs, and crying over not having enough space! I love to cosplay, draw, watch anime, and spend money (ノ*゜▽゜*) I go to conventions like Anime North and Katsucon. Cosplay is a huge hobby to me, and it is very special to me!!
I love chatting so feel free to chat if you want too c:

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03 months agodogs547895dogs547895
Sword Art Online II - Sinon - 1/8 - Phantom Bullet

still avaliable? :O
07 months agoCrazinessCraziness
Received the figure! Thank you so much! It was a pleasure working with you to get it and I am REALLY happy!
01 year agoStarbuck__Starbuck__
thank you for adding me ^^ really love your collection
01 year ago (1 year ago)KuroUchihaKuroUchiha shh komaeda is sleeping
Sennari (1 year ago) #2567799(Im sorry I am always so late to reply ; ; )
I know!! You would think Ko merch would be harder to find, but nope it is Hinata! xD I will find him someday! Build a nendo army like meeeee! B) I got the chara Ko for xmas and he is ADORABLE~ so great C:
yeah I think dangan is pretty popular! There are quite a few fan events , and that mobile game is coming out soon lol. I am still hoping for a sdr2 anime..then maybe we can get our nendos ; w;
ooo ok! Japanese seems hard but it isn't that bad! It is probably easier than Chinese :D Nah I can't wait anime without subs xD I am not that good!! Sometimes I can understand like 1 line because it will be something simple~
You can do it!! Chase after your goals!! You can do it :D
yeah Merry (late) Christmas and Happy New Year!! hehe I did get my Komaeda cheeb and scaled on xmas eve :D so good. I hope you had a fun holiday!!

[Nono, it's fine don't worry about it! Im also late with replys, sorry about that too ;u;]
Of course I will build a nendo army! there are so many nendos of characters that I like and I must collect them all!
Yeah chara Ko is so adorable I got mine like 2 weeks ago and I can't stop taking pictures of him! cx
I choose to believe that they were too busy working on DRAE's animation scenes and now they can start working on SDR2 anime ;w; it's been two years already ughh-- Ooo you can at least understand some lines, that's great too! xD you'll be studying in Japan so Im sure your Japanese will improve in no time~
I AM GOING TO SAVE EVERY PIECE OF MONEY I CAN GET, JAPAN IS WAITING FOR M--wait, no I can't I have figures to buy //(; ;)
[aww thank you so much~ hope you have a wonderful new year! C:]
01 year ago (1 year ago)KuroUchihaKuroUchiha shh komaeda is sleeping
Sennari (1 year ago) #2549506There were some really cheap things I wanted on mandarake, but they can sell out so fast T T They had both Hinata and Komaeda puppets for only 600yen each, but they went fastt. I bought the Ko puppet for about $30, and I haven't found Hinata yet..
Yeahh I am addicted to nendos b: They are soooo addicting and cute! I only buy characters I know and like now, but GSC is making a lot of characters I like.. I am still hoping for a Komaeda and Hinata nendo >< my dreaammm.
Aww. English is hard! I can't imagine learning it without it being my native language, it can be so confusing, and I usually mess up a lot while talking lol. Japanese is fun to learn :D The grammer part is really hard sometimes, but it isn't impossible! Yeah I am going there for 6 weeks over the summer! I'll only be taking 2 classes, so I hope I get to travel a lot and shop!!

It seems like Hinata's puppet is harder to find, and I thought Ko was the problem, ehh
But keep looking! don't lose your hope, you'll find Hinata!
I know right! I love Nendos so much, they are so cute and tiny and CHEAP xD I need more, 2 is not enough!
We have that Chara-forme komaeda, it's the closest one we'll ever get, Im afraid.. ;-;
(but who knows, they did make Naegi nendo) SDR2 is already pretty popular in Japan. no?
I never had problems with English actually, learning basic English is pretty easy, but Japanese is the real problem, It looks soooo hard Q-Q wait so that means you can watch anime without subtitles?? LUCKY
Im so jealous of you, visiting Japan is my dream. but an impossible dream, it's too expensive..
That sounds so fun, I hope you get to buy a lot of cool stuff! C:(especially ko merch pfft)
oh and Merry Christmas!

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