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I adore One Piece, as my collection should make quite obvious. :'D
I'm always looking for more Ace & Rob Lucci figures. One Piece rocks <3
Artwork on my profile drawn by me. Visit my DeviantArt? *__*
Feel free to leave a comment or offer to sell me something from my wishlist~


I love to draw and play Pokemon. * w *

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06 years agoInishiInishi
06 years agoSpiritbirdSpiritbird
SephironaHey Spirit~! <3

hiii rona lol, finally managed to get on here, least i can see wot i have... not a lot lol
06 years agoninthninth
SephironaAnd I swore I was your friend already LOL. There are tons of people from AP here now, I'm surprised *-*

Everyone on AP collectibles needs to become a members of MFC in order to keep track of their collection now.
06 years agoninthninth
SephironaWee thanks for the FR <3

I didn't know you were on MFC as well, found you after I was checking out Elizabeth's page.
06 years ago (6 years ago)ReddragonReddragon
SephironaAnd what exactly do you mean by enough for two D: You mean buying a whole box from amiami means two whole complete ships with two sets of each? Does this mean I can split a set with someone? *-* Omggg. I just want Robin and Lucci though. kekeke....afdfsdfdsf

Yeah that was with the other playsets also. Its a box of 12 pieces and you only need 6 to create a ship. And as far as i know they give you 2 of each part.

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