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I am Sevie from Germany, ♀ and I like to draw and take photos.
Fan of anime, manga, games and figures.
I love Oppai, yay! ヽ(๑♡ᴗ♡๑ )ゝ✧
Take a look at my collection here:

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02 months agoReycoenmaReycoenma
I love Sonico ♥ . ♥
02 months agoredxmaverickredxmaverick
Sevie (2 months ago)Haha, thanks, I really like Fei a lot too. I am following Fei on twitter and saw several previews of this doujinshi... I just had to get it xD
I follow many of my favorite artists on twitter including Fei. I really wanted the Meiko tapestry she only sold at comkiket. ;A; By following my favorite artists on twitter, I got introduced to many other good artists as well because they would retweet each other's works which is really great to help each other get exposure.

I watched your room tour video. If it weren't for the bed, your room would look just like an anime store! This is the kind of room everyone dreams of. Very clean and well presented. It goes to show you can definitely do alot with the small space you have. I got really curious about the poster you censored in your video so I checked your blog. LOL. The peephole is genius!
02 months agoredxmaverickredxmaverick
[quote]I love Oppai, yay! ヽ(๑♡ᴗ♡๑ )ゝ✧
Amen to that~

The first think I noticed in your profile was item #382459 That's certainly a testament that you love oppai. lol. Fei's one of my favorite artists.

Glad to meet another oppai lover!
02 months agoForeverzeroForeverzero
Earned yourself a new sub because of that room tour, just awesome.
04 months agoForeverzeroForeverzero

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