SevieSevie Oppai – full of dreams and hope <3


I am Sevie from Germany, ♀ and I like to draw and take photos.
Fan of anime, manga, games and figures.
I love Oppai, yay! ヽ(๑♡ᴗ♡๑ )ゝ✧
Take a look at my collection here:

(4:31 & english commentary)

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027 days agoSakiyaSakiya
Hoffe der random add ist nicht allzu tragisch, but ahh deine Videos ey ;;A;;
127 days agohyenaqueenhyenaqueen
Hope you don't mind the random add but I love your video and photos!
028 days agoDrakhatosDrakhatos
Feine Sammlung hast du da. Wie sagt man so schön? Bigger is better - always~
Oppai <3
03 months agoAzaizerAzaizer
Sevie (3 months ago) #12051776Yeah, I love Oppai! haha xD
Thank you, I am glad you liked the Video of her. Aaaand you are the first one who noticed the old mcdonald song! :D That's cool!
I hope, you will get one. I like all versions of her, but the white version a bit more, because of the original illustration and I like this white and brown theme, I think this suits an cow girl the best :3

Alright I will try to get the regular. Just wanted a second opinion on it! I also saw your room video btw! Really cool stuff! You have so much stuff crammed into the room! It's pretty well organized for having so much stuff in it though. I wonder, it looks like your front door opens directly into your room. What do you do if you have to answer the door and you have Oppai posters everywhere? LOL
13 months ago (3 months ago)AzaizerAzaizer
A girl that loves Oppai, huh? Yeah.... let's be friends! Request sent! XD

Watched your video of Melfy btw. I don't know German but the review was nice! And the Old McDonald background music made me giggle during the whole review! And your MOO MOO at the end was so adorable! LOL

I originally had her on pre-order but had to cancel because I needed to downsize my order for April. Had I known she was going to end up being delayed for 2 more months I would of not canceled her >.< I will have to find her aftermarket now at some point. Still can't decide on my favorite color of her though. I think I"m leaning most towards the "original" art version with the white outfit and maroon/dark red hair. Any suggestions?

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