ShaerilethShaerileth 「No Life Queen」I don't know how to human.

Having health issues, replies may be very slow--

Hiya, I'm Shaerileth.
There really isn't much to say about me.
I'm a socially akward nerd who's been collecting
anime/comic figures and BJDs since the early 2000s.
I like to make shrines of my favourite characters
& collect rubber straps.

Recently my figure collecting has turned mostly
to making custom Nendoroids of my OCs...
unless it's my husbando or my twins

I will ramble endlessly about things I love...

Though I apologise in advance for any akwardness that might come about
...or if I just stop replying/being slow to reply.

If you need help with anything regarding the Let's Split Nendoroids! Club, please PM me.

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