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What is it about fire? So calm and peaceful but... inside, all power and destruction. It's hiding something. Just like people do.
Sometimes you have to get close to find what's inside. Sometimes you have to get burned to see the truth.


Hiya, I'm Shaerileth.
There really isn't much to say about me.
I'm a socially akward nerd who's been collecting
anime/comic figures and BJDs since the early 2000s.
I like to make shrines of my favourite characters
& collect rubber straps.

I'm obsessed with macarons and black cats,
love to write, and enjoy art/photography.

I have an Instagram
where I post pictures of figures and stuffs. :3

Recently my figure collecting has turned mostly
to making customs of my OCs, especially nendoroids.

I will ramble endlessly about things I love,
so don't be afraid to comment or PM if you'd like to chat.

Though I apologise in advance for any akwardness that might come about
...or if I just stop replying/being slow to reply.

My bjd familyaka my OCs
Lady Grìmr [Fairyland PukiPuki Mary]
Kouriel [Migidoll Cynical Yujin/Iplehouse YID]
Estalia Dimitru [Dream of Doll DoT Shall]
高橋 モクバ [Luts KD Jeong]
Akai Ito [Fairyland Ltf Rachel]
クロエネン 空 [Dollzone Leo]
Kittyface [Groove Ai Black Berry]

Alasdair Liddell [DAL Ciel]
Yújìn "Ember" Kaijin [DAL Katoya]

♂ Oleifr "Jiao" Sægbahn [Dollzone Oliver]
My Custom NendosMy Custom Nendos
Mokubani and MakouronThe mahou shoujo and her bunneh
• Hair (#404)
• Smiling Faceplate (#317)
• Upper torso (#380)
• Bent arms (#254)
• Nya hands (#404)
• Lower torso, legs (#380)
• Black bunny tail
• Rabbit Yukine (#380)
-needs to be painted-
• Neko ears (#404)
• Hair (#221)
• Faceplate (#317)
• Body (#131)
• Hair (#390)
• Faceplate (#429)
• Full body (#068)
• Hair (#177, painted)
• Faceplate (#068)
• Upper torso (#258)
• Crossed arms (#149 painted)
• Portal base thing with Val'ola And Fel'ola (#118, modded)
• Bunny hood (#351, painted)
• Standard faceplate (#293)
• Upper Torso, arms (#351, painted)
• Legs (#177)
• Gloved hand (#418)
• Open hand
• Power flame (#351, modded)
• Hair (#192)
• Faceplate (#192)
• Full body (Nendoroidextra swimsuit)
• tiger
• Hair (#279, painted)
• Smiling faceplate (#310)
• Swimsuit body (#436)


My Splits & GOs (● ω ●)✧

- Nendoroid Parts I'm Hunting -
Shiro by Milady-Alluca
Shizuo & Kittyface by bomhat

Kumacarons made by Elphaba

Pictures Used on Profile/signature

My ♡s

《My Husbando》
Heiwajima Shizuo

《My Favourite Vocaloid(s)》
Kagamine Rin & Len

《My OTPs》
Okabe & Kurisu

Naoto & Kanji
Persona 4

《My Sword Boys》
Souza Samonji
Yamanbagiri Kunihiro

《My Favourite Super Hero》
The Flash

I have many other Favourites...
you can see more here.
Kouriel by Cerespam

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