ShaerilethShaerileth 「Alchemic Punk」I'm not obsessed, I'm passionate. Passion is good, right?


Ich bin mir. Das ist es. • I am me. That's it.・私は私 それだけ・dw i mi. Dyna mae'n.
Black cats, cows, dinosaurs, horror, learning foriegn languages,
macarons, my OCs, obsessing over 2D characters, pixels, purple & yellow,
rubber straps, "scary-cute" things, time travel, writing stuffs~
Anders from Dragon Age, being sick all the time, being social, blue, hallways,
jump scares, onions, most shooter games, series that never seem to end for no reason,
spelling, unnecessary happy endings, and lots of other things surely~

My bjd familyaka my OCs
Lady Grìmr [Fairyland PukiPuki Mary]
Kouriel [Migidoll Cynical Yujin/Iplehouse YID]
Estalia Dimitru [Dream of Doll DoT Shall]
高橋 もくば (Takahashi Mokuba) [Luts KD Jeong]
Akai Ito [Fairyland Ltf Rachel]
Sora Kroenen [Dollzone Leo]
Kittyface [Groove Ai Black Berry]

Alasdair Liddel [DAL Ciel]
灰燼 余烬 (Kaijin Yújìn) [DAL Katoya]

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