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My name is Shelbie and I'm the hostess of the Youtube channel and Instagram page of FigurineItOut!!!
YouTube Link [ext link ]
Instagram Link [ext link ]
I have just recently started collecting figures again. I use to collect figures for the longest time but then I stopped about 6 years ago. (I still have a lot of my old figures but I will mostl likely be selling them in the future. So stay tuned)
I now have decided to come back into the collecting world full force because I have missed it immensely!!!
I want to center my collection mainly around characters/series that I am highly passionate about and maybe have a few miscolanous ones here and there.🙃

I am passionate about:
HATSUNE MIKU (My #1 waifu 😍)
Sailor Moon
Card Captors
Shining Hearts-Melty
Yuki Yuna
Bunny Girls (B-Style girls/guys lmao I doubt they'll ever make guys but a girl can dream)

So I guess you could say my aesthetic is Magically Musical Sexy Sweet Badassery 😂

These are the top characters/series I'm highly passionate about and that I really would like to focus my collection on. (I have a lot of other characters/series I'm passionate about but I feel that the figures that are out for those character/series are just not what I'm looking for/wanting for my collection in particular.)

I would like to see in the future maybe some more Chobits figures (I doubt that'll happen though), maybe some sailor moon nendoroids (why isn't this a thing yet?), and some more dynamically posed figures across the board (like a Yuri and Vicktor skating together😍)

For now though I have in mind the certain figures I want for my collection and where I want my collection to go/be in the long run. (lol now since MIKU is my Waifu I'm going to try my hardest to get as many figures of her as I can 😝)

Well that about wraps it up thank you for taking the time to read my bio I hope you have a wonderful day and sayonara for now! ✌️️

**(NOTE: The figures from my old collection have not yet been added to my owned page. All the figures that are under owned are the ones that I have started getting since I am now recollecting. So I won't be selling those. Sorry for any confusion. Thank you =^.^=)**

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02 months agoKattoKatto SHSL Magical Girl
ShelbieShelb (3 months ago) #18492747You're very welcome! I hope that I have just as grand of a collection as you one day!I'm sure you will! :D With enough time and money anyone can :3
03 months agoKattoKatto SHSL Magical Girl
ShelbieShelb (3 months ago) #18457121Thank you for accepting my fr!! Thank you so much!!! I absolutely love MIKU!!! I absolutely love your collection though it's stunning 0.0My pleasure! Miku is pretty cute :3 I only have a couple myself but the ones I do, I adore.
And thank you! ^__^ It's been the culmination of years of work so I'm super proud of it :>
03 months agoKattoKatto SHSL Magical Girl
Hey there! Thanks for the FR :)
Your collection of Miku is impressive! :O
04 months agoleahemilylarkin1leahemilylarkin1 MSc
No problem! I love your collection :)

ShelbieShelb (4 months ago) #17765520Thanks for the friend request =^.^=
04 months ago (4 months ago)RockGodItachiRockGodItachi
Hi! Thanks for the FR! cool Miku collection! :D

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