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02 years agoDeadlyAnimeDeadlyAnime Web Designer
View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
03 years agonaichannaichan
Shi-Zerolaaa (3 years ago) #1895701haha XD
it is isn't it? ^^
aaaah Christmas is in 4 days EEEK XD

ha ha ha mean holiday XD
anyway i got my packet today
finally dicided bought this figma XD
item #160994
03 years agonaichannaichan
Shi-Zerolaaa (3 years ago) #1894232i've missed a whole bunch of figures but i didn't start collecting until this year. I think it's a good thing not to live in Japan but at the same time it's bad that i don't get to live there :P

same with me too
*laugh* well it like a big dilemma XD
hope next week i can pick something for christmas
03 years agonaichannaichan
Shi-Zerolaaa (3 years ago) #1889650haha^^ the price wasn't too crazy, well for a bootleg it was though that was when i started collecting nendoroids and had no knowledge about them.
i think GSC should re-release the old and popular figures
XD doesn't help that the colossal titan nendoroid was just released in Japan yesterday, Japan is a very lucky country to get all the awesomeness first :3

yes the bootleg almost like similiar with the original ver =v=
agree i missed many figures
yup but i feel glad stay away from japan too
if i live in japan i guess my money always gone for figures XD
03 years agonaichannaichan
Shi-Zerolaaa (3 years ago) #1888643^^ even if i found a authentic Rin i don't think i'll get it since i have no idea what to do with the fake and i can't simply throw it away it wasn't cheap! I fell into a trap *sigh*
And a rin figma that can buy 2 figmas!? and she doesn't come with much...but it's probably because it's quite old and somewhat rare, almost like the first Rin and Len nendoroids?
and there was a voting list for choosing which figma to make next!? AAAAAAAA what have i been doing all this time!? Though a figma i'm waiting to see all painted and completed will be Armin from Shingeki no Kyojin :P though i won't manage to get my hands on it ^^haha~

ha ha ha i'm understand that feeling too =v=
yes..the price really crazy right?
yup almost like that =v= *like limited product?
ah about the voting GSC did it before
GSC celebrate their 10th anniversary and made a small polling what items do you wish to re-release and what item do you hoping become a figure
as the result this
[ext link ]

ha ha ha i'm avoid all shingeki no kyoujin figure too many charming figure
i'm afraid can't stop myself XD

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