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Not really sure what to put. I love lolis, cats, and booty. If a figure has one of these aspects, I'll probably buy it lol.

I have 4 anime tattoos, with many more to follow. No Face and susuwatari from Spirited Away. The ouroboros from FMA. Shimakaze and Amatsukaze from KanColle. My next one is going to be Devil Homura Akemi.

Current favorite series to collect from: Monogatari, KanColle. Soon to add Madoka Magica to the list, as well as a bunch of FREEing 1/4th animal girls.

Feel free to message me! I love new friends :-D

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02 months agoferretinjapanferretinjapan
Shimakaze69 (2 months ago) #17843643Thanks for the kind words on the Koneko page. I didn't get a notification for it. Congrats on getting yours damage free. It's been almost a month and I'm still waiting on any correspondence from the USPS about a refund, and since they took her as part of the insurance claim I have neither my money nor a broken figure. So frustrating lol.

Damn, sorry to hear that, i was the one that reported bum-whatever's obnoxious response so its good that the mods jumped on him quickly. Aint noone got time for that crap :).

From all the other commenters responses, pulchra really dropped the ball with this figure (or ON her!), which is a shame as the initial announcement was so promising. On the flip side i look forward to collecting the other winged characters from the series by other manufacturers. Heres hoping an asia winged version comes out!
04 months agoTaigaSuzumiyaTaigaSuzumiya
24 months agobambipiebambipie
#unpopularopinion i love jeanne darc alter santa lily too
04 months agogirlsrockriogirlsrockrio
Hey thanks for the FR! Nice to meet you~ ( ᐛ )و
04 months agoZoidsFanaticZoidsFanatic
Shimakaze69 (4 months ago) #16618939Yeah the Grey Knight sets are pretty expensive. A Terminator set with 5 guys is around $50, but a 10 pack of Imperial Guard Cadians is only $35.
I have a total of:
15 Cadians
1 Heavy Weapon Squad
1 Leman Russ
1 Chimera
1 Valkyrie
1 Sentinel
1 Baneblade
1 Land Raider Crusader
1 Drop Pod
1 Dreadknight
1 Stormraven Gunship
1 Stormtalon Gunship
1 Grey Knight Squad
2 Thunderfire Cannons
My next kit is going to be an Imperial Knight (since it's as close to a Titan as I'll get) but those run $140+.
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Yeah, GW is terrible with pricing (and people complain about the prices of figures here. Least you don't have to build and paint them! And need an army!).

For myself I have
-Leman Russ Punisher
-Cast-hull Baneblade (Stormlord, Shadowsword, etc).
-Heavy Weapon Squad Lascannons
-Lord Knows how many Cadians (I think past seventy?)
-Ork Mekboy
-Twelve Ork Boyz
-Ten Gretchens

Here's my units

All painted ones
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Standard Guardsmen
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Some of my favorites

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Weapons Squad
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"Mr. Burny"

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Unpainted Ones
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Unfinished Stormlord
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Finally, one I never noticed how I painted until now, the "Abject Horror Guardsmen"
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He's seen some shit.

Now I'm planning on trying to finish everyone up before I buy more. Some of my future purchases are likely going to be Third-party bits to get more Meltas, snipers, and of course female Guardsmen. I have yet to find a place to try to 3D print anime characters heads, though. After that I do need to stock up on Standard Russes, Vanquishers, Sentinels, Chimera, and Devil Dogs. I'm really trying to aim for Combined Mech Arms (which apparently the Guard is opposed to, so I'm going to have to name my infantry and armored regiments).

Good choice on the Knight. Who doesn't love a giant mecha running around with a chainsaw? Just wish they weren't so pricey, as the other day when I picked up a MG Gunpla kit it was taller then the Knight... and cheaper. Of course it doesn't have a chainsaw arm, so the Knight is better,

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