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02 years agoAnelaceAnelace
I love your avatar choice! I saw a one of your comments and was momentarily confused thinking it was me.
02 years agoOroHakuOroHaku
Thanks for joining the Naruto Collectors club :)
03 years agoWhiteLotusWhiteLotus
Shinen-No-Hana (3 years ago) #1864677Grazie per la richiesta di amicizia! \(。^‿^。)/
Ma grazie a te per aver accettato <3
03 years agoLightningCharmLightningCharm
Shinen-No-Hana (3 years ago) #1769391✧。・゜゜・✧。・゜­­­゜・✲Happy Birthday!✲・゜゜・。✧。・゜゜・。✧

Thank you, Hana-chan! ^_^
03 years agoNoOtakuNoOtaku
Shinen-No-Hana (3 years ago) #1360407No problem and welcome to the community! ^__^
I'll send you a PM with shipping cost.
Just click on the profile of the user you want to send a message to, then select PM. ^_-

Oh ofcourse, I'm so blind.. And thanks. ^^

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