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06 months agoPridyPridy
Shinsuke-sama (6 months ago) #15237769Thanks for accepting the FR.
I also have a list on MAL if you are interested in seeing it [ext link ]

Wow 200 days :o good otaku lol !
Np I'm happy to accept cute person like you :D !
Btw I saw today NYCC exhibition the Albedo from GSC sculpt is finished she is so splendid, her body is gorgeous ! Look this beauty face OMGGGGG !!! [ext link ]
06 months agomahdiattiehmahdiattieh
Shinsuke-sama (6 months ago) #15218899Don't you think Aniplex's Katou Megumi looks better than the GSC one?

Aniplex is overall higher quality than GSC, and it's a lot more expensive. It's tough choice to choose though if you want to buy one. GCS is somehow cheap for what you are getting.
06 months agoPridyPridy
Shinsuke-sama (6 months ago) #15211257This is the first time I've heard of her
I have also pre-ordered one figurine from them which is Queen of Hearts from the FairyTale line.

Yeah she is pretty gorgeous :p. Good choice she is beauty.
06 months agoPridyPridy
Shinsuke-sama (6 months ago) #15171451I did check it and that's why I noticed :)
Also, you seem to be in the Myethos club. Do you own any figurine from them?

Yeah I ordered the Zhan Ling Er from Myethos she is so gorgeous !
06 months agoPridyPridy
Shinsuke-sama (6 months ago) #15128749Oh, thank you too.
Btw you seem to have forgotten to update your MAL username to the newer one in the signature since it leads to an error page, not that it matters, but I just wanted to point it out you.

Oh yeah, I just noticed :(, thanks :).
But btw you can check my animelist from the right on my mfc profile ;). And don't worry I will change it ^^.

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