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017 days agoBlackWolfBlackWolf
SilverJinx (17 days ago) #24227202time to evacuate

Evacuate the dancefloor?
02 months agoStalkingStalking Loli hunter
SilverJinx (2 months ago) #21715424I just stumbled upon your profile and it's so colorful ;n; I love it

Heheh, thank you! Your profile is very cute too; love the idol BG
04 months agoBlackWolfBlackWolf
Stop stalking me!
04 months agoBlackWolfBlackWolf
SilverJinx (4 months ago) #19270972-flails arms in your general direction-
Wash your hands before you come at me like that, you grub!
05 months agoBlackWolfBlackWolf
SilverJinx (5 months ago) #19127347b o o b s


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