SilverSoulSilverSoul 草彅 剛

草彅 剛 ~<3 草彅 剛 ~<3 草彅 剛 ~<3

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04 years ago (4 years ago)Misa-chanMisa-chan
°w° Gintama Fan <3

*leaves you very nice Greets* =^o^=

Lol I haven´t been here for a long time :D Time to look by again :P
04 years agoMitteMitte Dorama Whore
SilverSoulNo problem! I love Hunter X Hunter :).it's my favourite manga! I love it and nothing will ever replace it in my heart!!
it's just sad there aren't that many HXH figures out there :(
but at least I got myself a original anime cell of Gon :D
04 years agoMitteMitte Dorama Whore
thanks for faving one of my pictures :D
04 years agoMisa-chanMisa-chan
Hey you´re welcome ^^

I have to welcome every Gintama Fan I can find :P

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