SilverySilvery so where is my HGUC Sinanju Stein, Bandai?


Art student, freelance graphics designer. I draw, write, build plamo and translate comics.
Gamer, info researcher, night owl, wannabe cyborg, wannabe pilot. Can't live without music, something to read and lots of sleep. I love airplanes, gliders, etc. My other interests include transhumanism, astronomy and cultural studies (especially Japan-related), biology, psychology and lots more. Yeah, I have too many hobbies and interests.
I find weird things funny.

I collect action figures and model kits, mostly robots and kick-ass girls (these sometimes overlap). I own more figures than shown here, but I'm too lazy to expand MFC database and I'm slowly adding them to the database.

Currently obsessing over JoJo. I NEED a rerelease of blue Star Platinum.