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Fictitious Gamer, and fan of most things Anime related. I am always up for meeting new people in the Anime community so feel free to shoot me a friend invite if you would like to have someone to chat with.

A little about me:

I do love meeting people from all walks of life
I may be slightly eccentric
I am more introverted than I may appear
I absolutely love Anime and am quite intrigued by Japanese culture
I have watched many great Animes spanning most genres but I am too lazy of a person to list them here. If you are curious about a show or have a recommendation for me shoot me a message.

I listen to all kinds of music but am more attracted to dance/electronic mixes similar to below:

[ext link ]
[ext link ]
[ext link ]
[ext link ]

However any music that puts me in a good mood is welcome. I recently found this one and am quite addicted to it:
Ken Ashcorp - Touch Fluffy Tail: [ext link ]

Current AMV playlist that I enjoy watching/listening to: [ext link ]

If you are into Anime/Cosplay feel free to check out my Flipboard magazines:

Anime Flip: [ext link ]
Cosplay AMV: [ext link ]

Feel free to join my Discord group. Lots of happy Anime people there:
[ext link ]

I am also found on Valve's Steam gaming client if you would like to join me in a game or chat:
[ext link ]

Sneaking this in here: [ext link ]

It is fairly challenging to write about myself on a profile page so if you made it this far I must have done something right. If you have any questions about me that aren't listed here (I am more interesting than this stuff) feel free to shoot me a message. I am too laid back to get offended by anything so ask away.

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02 months ago (2 months ago)ToukiiToukii
02 months agoseanb0112seanb0112
SinicalGeek (2 months ago) #23169965You seem very interesting. Are you on any social chatting platforms like Steam or Discord? My steam [ext link ]
02 months agoseanb0112seanb0112
SinicalGeek (2 months ago) #23159584You have a nice collection! Do you have any pictures of how you display your pieces? thanks. I suppose I could take a few later
07 months agoRandomCat666RandomCat666
Happy birthday you shrub!

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