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I really enjoy collecting figures and items related to anime. I usually collect anything made from Good Smile Company. I also enjoy gaming and sketching from time to time. I love the Blue Exorcist or Ao No Exorcist, but I'm sure you already know that. ( ´∀`) I also like having company, so feel free to talk to me whenever you like.
Just no hating comments, please. (╬ ಠ益ಠ)

Thank you and enjoy your stay.

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05 years agoShenWongShenWong
Happy Birthday! Have a Nice Day! :D
06 years agoOrinrinOrinrin
Oh god, really? I've been in, like, some sort of void for a while now, but Sayaka looks really cute so far. ♥
Gaaah, I have two English projects due this Thursday but my computer keeps calling me. orz
06 years agoOrinrinOrinrin
Alright, I'll say it; I hate Artina. I can't see anything bad about her, but I can't see anything good about her either. Perhaps the game would just be better off without her.

-Ahem- Yeah, Fenfen's awesome, isn't he? I don't use him as much as I would like to though. I actually ended up using Emizel a lot more than I had originally thought. Go figure. (Though Fuka's always my strongest and I spoil her with the best weapons/defense/etc.)
Though Fenfen has a pretty big man-crush on his lord, don't you think? I'm not even a BoyXBoy fan and I still find that adorable. ・ω・♥
06 years ago (6 years ago)OrinrinOrinrin
Of course! If I ever have to hit someone over the head with a baseball bat, I'll totally do it the right way and scream: "Chocolate!!" as my battle cry.
Oh, and I'm not very fond of Vulcanus myself. There's a lot of things wrong, but I'm not going to rant or anything. Though I really love her character design. (If that counts for anything.)
06 years agoOrinrinOrinrin
I think that's what a lot of people thought. Even the opening did that a bit.
And I've got a feeling Val's going to attract a bunch of giggly giddy fangirls. :U

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