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I started collecting resin figures back in 1996. I than starting buying PVC figures. I mainly collect sexy female figures. I have a few male figures here and there but generally 90% of my collection is female. I like to look at em (call me a perv if you want, I'm just a guy). My collection includes japanese anime, manga figures, action figures, resin and garage kits. I do have a few recasts bought on ebay. I have also collected some resin kits from US based sculptors. I also collect diecast cars and model airplanes and cars.

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010 months agoKaito570Kaito570
I like to look at my figures too I'm sure everyone does so that won't make u a perv.
011 months agoEmiya_KiritsuguEmiya_Kiritsugu
Happy B'day! :D
And may many more come!
01 year agoSheryl-BSheryl-B
Happy New Year!!
01 year agoTsunami3kTsunami3k
Skorpius (1 year ago) #1860786I kinda went on a Black Friday spending spree. I bought the 2011 Racing Miku on ebay earlier today and I bought 2 more PVC figures from a local toy store. I bought the 2nd version Black Widow PVC from Kotobukiya and the Darkchylde PVC from Diamond Select. Now I need to recover....probably sell some stuff on ebay...

Nice! I love Shunya's comic book hero sculpts and it's taken some massive willpower to resist getting into non-Japanese properties because my addiction is already ridiculous. That said I'm still tempted every time I see a new figure from Kotobukiya. Don't know much about Darkchylde but I'm sure it's up there with your other taste in figures. Congrat's on the new toys!
01 year agoTsunami3kTsunami3k
Skorpius (1 year ago) #1852693Close, but I got Nida Schuetlich by Good Smile Company. Since it is based on Shunya Yamashita's work, I knew I had to get her. And the fact you can strip her down to her undies....:)
I have a 2 of the Hatsune Miku figures, I am working on a third one (the 2011 racing version). Hope to get her soon.

Oh, yes! I've got Nida too. I love Shunya's designs. I'm eyeballing this one too which comes out next month I think: item #143871. My wishlist is riddled with YS figures.

Good choice on the 2011 racing Miku. That's definitely my favorite of the racing line so far. Those bangs are excessively cute.

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