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Update on me: I'm poor and sad so I only collect very few figures now. Open to trade any of my figures on my sell/free list for wish listed figures. Will buy any figures on my wish list.

Name: Cara
Name Meaning: This person is awesome humans still do not know that I am potato
Gender: female
Age: 22
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Place of Birth: Skyrim
School/Grade: College Graduate
Height: Short
Hair: Red

College graduate, still studying graphic design and living off her salary from working at costco right now.
I've been collecting figures since 2005, coincidentally my bank account has been weeping since 2005
I am crazy in love with my figures...You know that crazy old cat lady? That's me, but with figures instead of cats, or maybe figures and cats, or maybe FIGURES OF CATS.
I don't really have a problem with anything (or shame for that matter), so feel free to say whatever, drop by to say hello, or tell a horrible knock knock joke.
I have plenty of interests other than figures and anime, so it's pretty easy to hold a conversation with me…I think

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02 months agootoyomiotoyomi
Hello! I've tried to reply to your PM but unfortunately your inbox is full.
Anyway just to leave a message that I'm sorry but the figure you were looking for is not available anymore D:
I've sold him to a local and forgot to remove the posting from his item page Orz
07 months agotomoki13tomoki13
omfgSoliloquy (7 months ago) #7247061
07 months agotomoki13tomoki13
yaaaassssSoliloquy (7 months ago) #7246726Heyyyyyyyy :D Found you
010 months agojesmagicchildjesmagicchild
Happy B-day ya in advance!
(ര̀ᴗര́)و ̑̑
May you have many more.
011 months agoStarlightLoticeStarlightLotice
Hey there!

Looking through random people as I am doing a deal with someone on here related and noticed we have the same occupation! :O

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