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Update on me: I'm poor and sad so I only collect very few figures now. Open to trade any of my figures on my sell/free list for wish listed figures. Will buy any figures on my wish list.

BA in Graphic Design, still studying graphic design and in between jobs right now, I just got laid off ayy.
I've been collecting figures since 2005, coincidentally my bank account has been weeping since 2005
I am crazy in love with my figures...You know that crazy old cat lady? That's me, but with figures instead of cats, or maybe figures and cats, or maybe FIGURES OF CATS.
I don't really have a problem with anything (or shame for that matter), so feel free to say whatever, drop by to say hello, or tell a horrible knock knock joke.
I have plenty of interests other than figures and anime, so it's pretty easy to hold a conversation with me…I think

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02 days ago (2 days ago)AzaizerAzaizer
Oh in breaking news... Code Geass: Lelouch the Resurrection Season 3 is now apparently in the works. Lelouch faking his death in the Season 2 has now been confirmed. Not sure how I feel about there being a Season 3. I felt that Season 2 ended perfectly... I wanted more Code Geass but can't say I wanted it like this. Would of preferred if they used the same universe but came up with a different story and set of characters. Them making a Season 3 now really just shits all over the impact made by Season 2.

[ext link ]
06 days agoAzaizerAzaizer
Also this just in... got re-releases of two Code Geass figures from Megahouse Emperor Lelouch item #72239 and Knight of Zero Suzaku item #72240 . They even come in a limited edition combo pack with postcard. If you ever wanted either of these, then now would be the time to go after them. They are still pretty expensive though then their original releases because they got a price increase but hey, still a little money saved compared to their original aftermarket prices.
07 days ago (7 days ago)AzaizerAzaizer
Soliloquy (7 days ago) #16365449Y'know, like routine surgery where they take out a couple of organs and all that shit. I'm fine. I'm alive and healed up mostly, it's the sprained ankle that's giving me the bigger issue.
I'm really bad at responding to walls of text like really bad. Like someone will give me a mini novella and I'll be like "ha yeah" and that's it. So sorry for like totally pushing your last comments aside.
I have a funny story for you though, you know my love for Lelouch is undying right? I was going to see someone for an early thanksgiving and I actually met up with a user from MFC in grand central terminal in manhattan before I made my way to my friends house to buy a harder to find Lelouch figure. Ayyyyyy, it was cool, we did a figure deal haha.

UGH! Fucking A!! Responding to this comment for the second time cause of my shit internet these past couple days! So to wrap it all up before in a nutshell without having to repeat myself too much.

Thought your comment was funny.
It's fine if you give short answers.
What rare Lelouch figure did you drug deal fo... I mean buy?

P.S. Fuck the internet today!
015 days agoAzaizerAzaizer
Soliloquy (16 days ago) #16162361Forgot to say I had surgery so I'm down for the count for a little bit.
Will reply when less dead and less drugs.

WTF?! Surgery?! For what? You're so young to have to deal with any kind of surgery! o.O I hope it isn't anything serious. Well get better soon. I wish you a speedy recovery!
023 days agoAzaizerAzaizer
Soliloquy (23 days ago) #15993975Nah you didn't miss something, I just think we should continue on here. The conversation has switched from the figure to our personal lives and I know the MODS are gonna step in soon and say please keep the topic on the figure.
Fat chance of having my bf buy me the figure. He saves money like crazy, buys bargain clothes, and kind of looks down on my spending habits. Not to mention he's the worst gift giver in the history of ever.

Yeah I suppose that's true. I know once people stop just talking about the figure on the posts usually moderators come and will ask to keep the figure post on topic LOL. You can't tell me your bf has never bought you a figure at all? Even if he doesn't agree with the loads of money you throw at the hobby, he should at least indulge you SOMETIMES (especially during gift seasons lol)! Well being a saver is also a good thing though. Not sure about buying bargain clothes? Do they at least look nice? I mean people spend their money how they want to. I like bargain on clothes too but there are plenty of places you can go that have really nice stylish clothes like Rue 21. That's my store right there! Always great deals and sales ALL THE TIME year long!

Although, if I had a significant other who was ALSO in the figure collecting hobby I don't know if I'd be happy or worried about that. I mean my collection alone already takes up SO MUCH SPACE (especially in storage lol), so I can't imagine having TWO PEOPLE who are crazy collectors! I guess it would be ok if BOTH parties made lots of money together and got a nice place and maybe had like one area in the house they would display their collection together. I've seen other collector's who put stuff ALL OVER their house! I couldn't do that. I like to keep the rest of my home looking "normal" and then have a dedicated room or office where I would display collectibles. Most likely have to seriously downsize each other's collection a bit and/or share if you both want a certain figure (although I'd only share if I was married to the person...not if she was just a gf).

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