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Hello and welcome to my profile :3
I Collect Gecco, Tsume, F4F, Gaming Heads and Kotobukiya statues! Been collecting almost a year now.
If you're in the Sydney area, hit me up! I'd love to get to know the collectors around me!

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15 months agoSesshysWenchSesshysWench
Spirit_Bomb (5 months ago) #19641682Happy Birthday yo, hope you had a fantastic day.
16 months agoElyrithElyrith
Spirit_Bomb (6 months ago) #18939037happie burthday!

Thank you but it's tomorrow. ಠ‿↼

Happy Birthday too ! (a little late).
16 months agoSpirit_BombSpirit_Bomb
Happy Birthday Me.
07 months agoMiauMiau
Spirit_Bomb (7 months ago) #18398546Is he sold?

Still avaliable! (Sorry for the late reply, exams ><)
07 months agoSpirit_BombSpirit_Bomb
Halcian (7 months ago) #18265804Sorry for such a late reply, I didn't pay any attention to my comments in such a long time. I think you have the wrong person :P I was never active in that forum. Chances are we probably had the same avatar though!correct, lol. Same avatar different person xD!

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