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02 years agoasakura89asakura89
SpookyBoogie (2 years ago) #2946102Your inbox is full so I hope you don't mind me using your comment section instead. Are you still selling your Figuarts Zero Persona 3 figure?

Thanks for looking. Unfortunately Shinjuku was sold recently.
02 years agoToujouToujou
SpookyBoogie (2 years ago) #2946702Your inbox is full, but I wanted to know if your Shiki figure is still available for purchase.

Sry but he's already sold.
02 years agoYakuriYakuri
SpookyBoogie (2 years ago) #2794485Received the Naoto glasses in the mail today, seems it only took a week to arrive. Really securely packaged and the item was in good condition since, as stated, it had only been tried on. Thanks so much for the gift Macross Frontier charms.
I'm glad they arrived safely! :D I actually wanted to put a few more things, but it got heavy super fast >_< Enjoy the glasses!
04 years agoOyamatsumiOyamatsumi 大山積命
Ohayo !
Welcome to you on MFC
04 years agoTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
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