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Hi, I'm Klein. I'm primarily a Pullip collector these days and not as active in the anime community but I still add new anime figures to my collection from time to time. I run, a site where you will find tons of Pullip news & reviews; also whatever else happens to catch my fancy and I feel like writing about.

Please note even though I am now a bit less active in the anime community, it doesn't mean I will be selling my collection. Please do not contact me with sales inquiries, as nothing is for sale.


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013 days agodelphadelpha
I first learned about Pullips years ago because I stumbled across your site. Neat to see you're here!
06 months agoWeepingOshinoWeepingOshino
I just wanted to say you're a pretty cool lady. I like System of a Down too.
06 months agoNGEunit01NGEunit01
A day late but Happy Birthday!!
01 year ago (1 year ago)einonymouseinonymous
Hey! I use your website regularly for reference, only now do I realize you're on here! Keep up the awesome work :-) Oh, and I live in New England, too. It's cool seeing other people on this site who live in my area.
01 year agoterramishuterramishu nyan?

Happy birthday c:

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