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Still trying to get back into the groove for reviewing figures. It's going slow and I have a huge back log now...

Even though I cut down on the number of figures I bought, I have like 18 dollfies that I bought I think the past two years. If you add in the accessories that's around 20,000 dollars! So I basically shifted the money I was spending on figures to dollfies instead... and on top of that I have over 2,000 figures and approaching 3,000 now. that's with me selling off I think almost 400 figures so far. This is getting crazy but at least I reached a point where when I look at most figures I go "meh" and don't bother ordering anymore. I've gotten to a point where I'm so jaded by the lack of quality and attention to detail I can easily just not bother ordering something anymore. Too bad it took this long and this much to reach it.

I think I've spent close to half a million dollars on figures to reach the point where I can tell exactly what I want and don't want. Looking at the orders so far this year I can definitely see the difference. Last time I checked I have only around 5,000 dollars committed to figures and it really won't increase much past it. Dollfies on the other hand is still an issue since they do those stupid lotteries so no idea what I'll be spending on them. At least I don't automatically order any figma/nendo up for sale now. I've passed on a few because before I just bought them to buy them and toss into one of my towers. I have an entire room filled to the ceiling with just Nendos and Figmas. It's going to take a while to sell off most of it but I'm not in a rush so whatever.

Anyway, trying to get back into the groove of reviewing but have another video game distracting me again.

Review Schedule (Tentative)
*Will consider requests including revisits of previously reviewed figures*
Alpha Max Takamura Yui 1/7
Alpha Max Inia Sestina 1/7
Alpha Max Tokugawa Sen 1/7
Alpha Max Yagyu Jubei 1/7
Alpha Max Saeki Ai 1/6
Alpha Max Date Wingfield Reiko 1/6
Alter Houmei 1/8
Alter Louise Françoise Le Blanc de la Vallière 1/8
Alter Milla Maxwell 1/8
Alter Alvis E. Hamilton - Lavie Head 1/8
Griffon Misaki Mei 1/8
GSC Arséne 1/8
GSC Hachikuji Mayoi 1/8
GSC Fate T. Harlaown 1/4
Koto Charlotte Dunois Bunny Style 1/8
Koto Izayoi Sakuya 1/8
MaxFactory Honma Meiko 1/7
MaxFactory Inaba Himeko 1/8
MaxFactory Kurokami Medaka 1/8
MaxFactory Lineage II Elf 1/7
MegaHouse Alice GG 1/8
MegaHouse Lacus Clyne 1/8
MegaHouse Zessica Wong 1/8
New Line Tokugawa Sen 1/6
Orchid Seed Blanc Neige 1/7
Phat Caster 1/8
Volks Hazumi Flamel 1/7
Yamato Nen-Nen
Kotobukiya Makise Kurisu - 1/8
Questionnaire Witch Girl 1/6
Hot Toys Jill Vallentine Battlesuit 1/6
Griffon Suika Ibuki
AmiAmi Sanada Yukimura 1/6 (On Hold)

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01 day agocanetoncaneton
ooof, that sounds like a huge pain. and i totally understand-- i review toys but sometimes life gets in the way and you have to enjoy your collection and hobbies without documenting every step and dealing with html grossness. no rush, though, everyone has a life outside of the internet.
01 day agocanetoncaneton
i love the way you've set up your reviews! have you ever explained how you organize the photos to be on the side of the text in your blog posts like you do? can't wait to read/see more from you in the future~
024 days agodogs547895dogs547895
wow~~ that collectionnn
01 month agoStarshipPooperStarshipPooper
Sturmhornisse (1 month ago) #8239883Yeah the price.... The smaller ones really are not that much cheaper LOL

I entered for Rin.

I was looking at my existing orders... and No Snow Miku. Then I saw they only show your orders up to a year ago. That's freaking stupid. How am I supposed to know if there isn't a problem with any pending pre-orders then?
01 month agoStarshipPooperStarshipPooper
Sturmhornisse (1 month ago) #8239883Yeah the price.... The smaller ones really are not that much cheaper LOL

Well, since I lost the last two lotteries I should have a good chance to get Rin this time.

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