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G'day! Thanks for dropping by!

I collect figures for a hobby (Never would have guessed, huh?)

I started collecting late 2013 when I bought my first scale in Japan on holiday. It was Emperor Lelouch (item #72239) and he is still one of my favourite figures to date. I haven't looked back since!

Just like anyone who has a decent sized collection will tell you, there's a lot to learn, and it's easy to make mistakes. But that's just a part of learning any new hobby. Thankfully, we have a great community in MFC. Everyone is so respectful, helpful and supportive.

To this day, I still get that same feeling of excitement placing a pre-order, finding that elusive pre-owned figure, waiting for a figure to ship or opening a package as I did when I first started collecting. Watching your collection grow is extremely satisfying (and a little worrying).

I also review figures, so if you wanna take you look, you can do so in the blogs section below or check out my YouTube channel: [ext link ]

Additionally, you can also follow me on twitter: [ext link ]

Thanks for reading!

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06 months agolluviakatelluviakate
Happy Birthday!!!!
06 months agoLolixdonutLolixdonut
Happy Birthday!! \(^A^
06 months agomaterix01materix01 Lv. 10 Dictator
Happy Birthday!
08 months agoStarFruitStarFruit
Superstickman (8 months ago) #16431958Hi there! Thanks for the FR! Your profile is really pretty and your collection is cool. I love seeing Rin and Len in anyone's collection. I also followed you on twitter! I'm always happy to follow other figure collectors on there. Nice to meet you!

Hey, thanks for accepting~ And thank-you for the compliments towards my profile and collection. ^w^
You're the first person to compliment my profile other than my real life friends, so I'm really happy since that means the effort I put in it paid off for real, haha~ XDDD
Rin & Len are my favourite Vocaloids, so I'm always glad to let others see them in my collection. :)))
Your collection is wayyy cooler though, you have so many figures that I like! Great taste~ xD
I followed you back on Twitter and nice to meet you too. :)
09 months agoGabmag10Gabmag10 Bishie Collector
Thank you so much! I hope the new year is good for you as well :)

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