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Hey! I'm Rohan, but you can also call me Quill!

I used to be really into manga/anime but as the years have gone on I've moved more into video games, so I'm not super active on MFC as it's not often I buy figures.
I still watch a bunch of anime and log into MFC daily though, and get the occasional figure if it's a character I really like.

If you wanna talk about anime or games, hmu here or on tumblr!
//backflips into the Void

Selling a bunch of figures currently, I'll post ads when I have time but until then:
GSC Kaname Madoka 1/8 - $65AUD
Max Factory Tomoe Mami Figma - $35AUD
Max Factory Sakura Kyouko Figma - $35AUD

PM me for a shipping quote, I'm happy to ship international!

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