SweetIvySweetIvy The Jellopy Connoisseur❝I have Retired from Figure collecting. Miss you all XOXO ❞

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SweetIvy (2 years ago) #2552976LOL that tag line!
Also Happy Birthdaaaaay!

sorry for the late reply ahha thank you :)
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SweetIvy (2 years ago) #2620193I was too but I have to stop! I practically bought a detolf and need to get one more O____ O

I know this feeling orz

If the shipping and price wasn't in euros I'd prob have jumped on that Kuwabara already, but he's like $100+ bc the exchange rate ;_;
02 years agoadrikynadrikyn
SweetIvy (2 years ago) #2619910If you still want it..... sale #64987

I'm tempted... ;3; thank you
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SweetIvy (2 years ago) #2442606Nope I live under a rock. Enlighten me xD
Too much, suffice to say. ^_^'
I know that Cloud is Squeenix's mascot, but I draw the line at $100+, even if it is his kickass version from Advent Children. All of the new AC PAK are pushing that price, but Chocoboy is the most expensive. I have a feeling that FFXII's Fran will be similar, but since I have Balthier, I'm gonna have to just hold my nose and buy her. XD
02 years agoDelicateThunderDelicateThunder
SweetIvy (2 years ago) #2436751Thanks for the reply to my post! Yeah I used to see it for cheaper but my gut told me not to buy it for $100. I guess due to the HD version merch went up in price....
I don't think I will get him unless I win a low bid off of ebay. I loved the FFX line but for the most part the paint jobs really bothered me like Tidus. I did take a risk and bought item #2092 but I think I will make a new base some photos make it look leany...but okayish paint job o_o
I was somewhat wondering how is item #2128
And It's not just Koto that makes fragile figures! Square itself does, I bought Sion and it was broken (mfc link) I think FF needs more love. Also I'm disappointed with the HD release they only made 2 figures but no Re-runes! And no Wakka figure. WHY!? D,:

Yeah, Squeenix's customer service is...less than good. I've heard many complaints on SE Members about their PAK line arriving either broken or defective, and no reply from SE. That's even from people buying directly from their online store! As for that Lulu, don't have that one, but do have the Yuna, Tidus and Auron from that set. The paint isn't bad considering the age of the figures and the detailing on Yuna's outfit is pretty nice. Auron can't hold his awesome sword, the opening in his hands wasn't molded correctly. Still, I'm very happy that I picked them up, FFX is my favorite. (Sorry Cloud!) Lulu will be mine one day.
Speaking of FFVII, have you seen what Squeenix is asking for their new FFVII PAK?! Wow! O_O
12 years agoDelicateThunderDelicateThunder
Noticed your comment on the impossible grail article about how you were looking at the FFX Bahamut and how nasty the price is now. I'm horrified at how much they're charging for these now! Sadly, I have a number of older Koto FF figures and am very sad to say that the quality is just horrible on many of them. (Open the boxes, broken parts. Parts not fitting correctly, not so much paint issues.) Didn't have any real issues with larger scale FFX figures, but have on many others. Worst was this thing, a looooong time grail of mine: item #10261 Hunted it down, spent a good deal of money on it, only to discover that it broke easily. Koto did not treat the FF franchise very well, not that Squeenix has done much better.

If you hunt down Bahamut, proceed with caution. A shame since he deserves better. X was one of my favorite FF games.
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SweetIvy (2 years ago) #2405094Happy Birthday!
Hope its going well for you ^^

Thank you very much! :D
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SweetIvy (2 years ago) #2393369Happy Birthday ^^

Thank you Ivy :)
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SweetIvy (2 years ago) #2374157Hey I was thinking of preordering from Sideshow collectables. How you bought from them before?

Yes I have. I don't see why not they let you pay in installments which is great!
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Thanks for the link. Those are some great art pieces they have.
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SweetIvy (2 years ago) #2354094In advance....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
I will be working tomorrow so might as well say it now :) BTW How are you?

Oh Thank you for the nice wishes!!! ^-^
I've been ok, working trying to catch up with bills lol what a race XD.
How bout u, u been ok :)?
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The Supporting characters are all great as well: Ace, Sabo, Garp, Kizaru, Aoikiji, Whitebeard, Blackbeard, Shanks, Mihawk, Doflamingo, Law, Dr. Vegapunk, etc etcccccccccccccccccccccc, lol
02 years agoRaithosRaithos Existential
SweetIvy (2 years ago) #2352086Hey there I started to get into One Piece.
I was wondering whats your fave figure and fave figure series? like example POP,Figuarts ZERO, etc

Ohhhh you'll love it! It's quite long but so very worth it to see the whole story unfold. SO MUCH HAPPENS, lol it's an epic tale! Where to begin. Zoro is a great char so I guess him, Luffy, Sanji, Brook, Robin, Nami, Chopper, Franky, they all have their own arcs to introduce them and they're all fantastic. It's a slow builder but the ongoing payoff is incredible. Always more to keep you going. The manga is hot right now with us learning more about the Schichibukai Doflamingo.
Favourite character eh? I suppose Zoro, just for his sheer badassery and strength. His Sailing Again POP is quite nice too, hoping for a shirtless dynamic one next. As per Zoro figures, lol: (mfc link), you end up wanting all of it. There's lots to choose from, I particularly like these: item #63072, item #91530, item #121325, item #96272
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SweetIvy (2 years ago) #2350472Happy Birthday to you! http://i1080.photobucket.com/albums/j339/Sweetivyline/Gif/No1_zps7afce6ce.gif

Thanks !
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Happy (belated) Birthday!
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View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
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SweetIvy (3 years ago) #2050957[ext link ]
I guess FFX-3 is in the works... o_ o

Got the Limited Edition Remaster on Wednesday and have not had a chance to play it yet. The bonus audio sounds interesting and I hope they make another one. There really are some subtle hints about possibly continuing the story which I would welcome, I liked FFX/FFX-2. Nice to see them looking back at the older titles, hopefully they keep it up, (coughs, FFVII/FFVIII). Thanks for the heads up, no telling when I would have gotten around to listening to it.
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Have a great Birthday! ^^
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SweetIvy (4 years ago) #1571362ugh so jelly I want the leggings
[ext link ]

Oh my gosh, that stuff is so cool. I bet it isn't cheap for clothing though, errk. The leggings are so retro and cool. I also love the blue and pink shirts.