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My life story is extremely depressing but here's a summary. I was in love with a woman who I wanted to marry so I bought a new car and decided to propose to her at a romantic spot. When we got there, she slipped and fell off the side. I saved her life but broke my neck in order to do so. I became quadriplegic and she dumped me. Why you ask? Because she had already been cheating on me with someone else for two months and she said that she didn't want to be shackled down by a cripple. Sucks right?

My figure collecting is pretty normal; I got started figure collecting back in 2001. It changed my life and I've now spent more than $25,000 on this hobby. I like to focus on quality in my collection. I used to buy multiple figures of my favorite characters and one day, I just tried to enjoy my collection with a pot of my favorite tea but simply could not, there were too many.

I've learned that having too many figures all packed together in the same place will negate any kind of attempts to admire the effort behind production of these works of art.

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02 months agoTiamat26Tiamat26
Sythellri (2 months ago) #2818140What do you mean exactly? I don't have them for sale anymore. Yoko has already been sold.

That is funny when I look at your profile I see that she is still in your collection. that is why I said you still had her. You should take her off of your collection if she is sold.

Tohsaka Rin was never up for sale but I've been debating selling her because I really hate how big her ass is. The figure's body proportions are completely wrong when compared to her VN or even anime proportions.

the way I positioned Rin I don't see the back end... And I find her very lovely meself.

Here is a list of what I'm currently selling if you're interested in getting something. I do have Kamina brand-new and he would look amazing with your Yoko.
(mfc link)

I don't accept PayPal because my account is continuously limited for stupid reasons like receiving too much money or sending too much money also in some cases I'm not allowed to receive the money until several conditions are fulfilled like the package arriving or 21 days after receiving.

Thanks for letting me know I only knew of PayPal myself.

They are exploiting the fact that they have a near monopoly on sending and receiving money online.
02 months ago (2 months ago)Tiamat26Tiamat26
You have a few grails that i am sure people are sending you messages about yoko for one and Rin. Those I am surprised you still have up for sale. I have both so I am set but i know of so many on the forms that keep saying they want them and yet here you are and you still have them available.

Just out of curiousity why will you not accept payPal?

= )

02 months ago (2 months ago)shilkashilka
Sythellri (2 months ago) #2809344Thanks for the friend request! I can see youre saber fan lol
Indead i am.
I would have had an even bigger collection by now if i had more space and more money.

Have ordered two large display cases and that took a huge chunk of money, so i wont be buying any more figures untill may and june.
02 months agodarkmewsicdarkmewsic
Rubber straps, keychains, pins, & plushies anyone~?
02 months agodarkmewsicdarkmewsic
Sythellri (2 months ago) #2756332Honestly I don't know. I'm probably not going to order that many more in the future. I'm really trying to focus on quality figures that I will enjoy forever rather then the one that caught Mayeye for five minutes and I bought because I'm an idiot. Basically quality over quantity
I really have too many figures that I absolutely had to have and then when I actually got it, I decided that it's nice but I don't really need it. I'm trying to stop that.

You could always buy smaller items like prize figures or character goods instead of buying 1/8 scales all the time~ Whoever thought of making box splits are geniuses!

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