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I will ~NEVER~ collect figures that are counterfeit, low quality, have bikinis, erotic or manufactured by infamous companies because I am Sythellri the hardcore gamer samurai ninja emperor with both chivalry and bushido in my heart...RAWR!!!

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010 months agokk090200kk090200 Con going Anime lover!!...
Happy Birthday my friend!!!!!
011 months agoCherryBlossomingCherryBlossoming
Oh thank you for reading it haha. ovo Sythellri (11 months ago) #1503890Welcome to mfc! Read your blog, gratz :)
011 months agoAleAle
Sythellri (11 months ago) #1491269I think it was ecchi but is pure fighting manga now. You have an issue with Rosario but not To Love-Ru?
Even if the manga is about fighting right now, you said "anime" and not "manga". The anime had a lot of panty shots and that makes it a fan-service anime. One thing is a panty shot everynow and then like in Oreimo but in Rosario there is one is almost every episode. And i didnt see that you had 'To Love-ru' figures.
011 months agoAleAle
Sythellri (11 months ago) #1488950Do you read it or do you watch it?
I've watched both seasons of the anime and there was plenty of fanservice.
011 months agoAleAle
"I will NEVER own a figure from a pure fanservice anime."
Then why do you have this? item #5780 :P

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