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I am currently obsessed with The Avengers.

My main collecting love is doujinshi by the wonderful Akizuki Ryo's circle Yubinbasya ( , almost all my money is spent on my never ending quest to own everything she has ever done. For those who are interested you can find my collection here : [ext link ].

I'm a big fan of Boys Love~!

My favourite artists are Akizuki Ryo, Kyuugou, Jaryuu Dokuro, Homerun Ken,and Takatsuki Noboru.

I only collect figures and merchandise from series' I have actually seen and so on, so that I can appreciate what I have brought more.

My favourite Anime of all time is probably Tenkuu no Escaflowne (encyclopedia #260). I adore it and hope to one day own everything related to the series

My holy grail of holy grails is item #22717 which unfortunately is one of a kind T_T

My other holy grail is [ext link ] which I want more than I can say.

I also collect Disney merchandise such as dolls, figurines, etc. and things from western comics, movies and games

Non-Japanese Figures that I own:

Non-Japanese Figure Pre-Orders:

I share my collection with my sister : gasara.

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