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My name is Tadeshi and I really like to collect all sorts of stuff, most of it consists of figures though c:

I started my collection with the Hatsune Miku nendoroid I got in 2009. My collection is growing relatively slowly, because figures and such aren't cheap, I've got no job so... I have to leech off my mother's money to get stuff..... ;;""

Things I loveThings I love
Touhou Project
Touhou top 10Touhou top 10
1. Onozuka Komachi
2. Kazami Yuuka
3. Izayoi Sakuya
4. Hata no Kokoro
5. Hijiri Byakuren
6. Kagiyama Hina
7. Komeiji Koishi\Satori (I love them both equally)
8. Imaizumi Kagerou
9. Alice Margatroid/ Kochiya Sanae (I love them both equally)
10. Nagae Iku

Tokyo Ghoul

Pandora Hearts

Rozen Maiden

Date A Live

Love Live! School Idol Project

But I also love many more things! c: Those are just things I am completely obsessed over.

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08 months agoNewbieNubNewbieNub
Got to wait till March next year for Patchouli nendoroid, gosh.
01 year agoSilverronSilverron
Remélem nem baj, hogy bejelöltelek. Gyönyörű gyűjteményed van! :3
01 year agobrucesolmianobrucesolmiano
Tadeshi (1 year ago) #2265752Awww, thank You! <3
You're welcome!! :D
01 year agozeixblezeixble
Hellooooooo ^.^ Thank you! I'm really glad you love them :D Yay! I am proud to be your Love Live enabler hehehe :9 Ahhh not creepy at all! :B

Tadeshi (1 year ago) #2265765H-hi I just wanted to say that I love Your videos.
And that I watched Love Live! because of You and I am so grateful because of that, and You inspire me, Idk why, but You just inspire me (holy shit, I am creeper)
Aaaand sorry, I just wanted to say thanks for everything? I'm so random, gomen, I'm a weird little creepy shy blob.
*hides under pillow*
01 year agoDeadlyAnimeDeadlyAnime Web Designer
You are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD

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