TaralenTaralen Elf Hoarder"Andu-falah-dor!"


Yes, I am Taralen from DeviantArt in case any of my watchers are coming from there to here. I am a fantasy artist and writer. Elves are my thing. I mostly only collect fantasy-themed figures because I want my living space to look as magical as possible.

I know Latin and some Gaeilge (Irish).
I have a Bachelor's Degree in Literature Writing.

Other places to find me:
Deviantart/Elf Wood/Toyhouse - Taralen
World of Warcraft - Maláborn (Moon Guard Server)
RuneScape - Sariah
Final Fantasy XIV - Elemen Illustrata (Leviathan Server)

I can appreciate female figures but dudes are my sexual preference. :P Sorry ladies.

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