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03 days agoMiemuhMiemuh
Bought item #52699 and item #18918 from him.
Great seller who keeps you up to date on everything.
Very friendly and if you have any questions he is very fast and correct in answering them.
Also got to see a lot of photo's before we made the deal so there wasn't any suprise when they arrived.
The packing was done perfectly and even a shop can learn from this.
Also he send photo's of packing the items step by step.
I'm very happy with the items and this seller and would buy again from him.
015 days agofranjandarfranjandar
Tayasu (15 days ago) #25545995Well, Phat screwed up on their Shuvi imo (as the prototype is now, she is a nope). I find their Shiro to be decent tho (she is quite interesting with the other characters "petite version" around her base), and I can't wait to get my Jibril (she should arrive within 2 weeks). I'll also look forward to their Stephanie Dola if Jibsy is good, as I doubt GSC will stray from the main heroine of the show anyway (it'd be a pleasant surprise if they did).
I think they eventually wil, maybe once a season 2 is released of NGNL. But I found that Shiro's scale made by Phat! was really dissapointing when it came to the colours... The sculpt was okay, but I always had a complaint about the colours of her hair and how it should be more vibrant so I am glad that GSC eventually made a shiro that I deem worthy :P Jibril looked okay though, I saw a youtuber who got her a few days ago and did an unboxing of her.
015 days agofranjandarfranjandar
Tayasu (15 days ago) #25545584I don't know anything from DMMd unfortunately, so I can't really appreciate beyong the scult.
And no kidding for Shiro! Next summer incoming... that wait, will kill, us. And then there is Shuvi Tet's knows when ._.

Yeah exactly... I don't want to wait for her :( And knowing how many people ordered her, I think she's going to be delayed too :( Yeah exactly! I didn't even look at the other Shuvi tet's because I knew that GSC was going to make the best one (Btw Phat!'s Shiro sucks compared to the GSC one, but kotobukiya did an okay job, not good but just okay)
015 days agofranjandarfranjandar
Tayasu (15 days ago) #25540310Well, thanks!
And you mean Kiss-shot? She's lovely. Favorite character from the series, hands down :D.
You've got some good ones too (Izaya from DRR namely), and more in pre-orders like Rem and Shiro (I'm currently reading the LN Vol.6)

No problem, and yes I mean her :) Thanks! Yeah Izaya is a beauty, however the Aoba 1/7th scale (by max factory) is my favourite, though the Shiro coming in... I can't have her sooner :)
015 days agofranjandarfranjandar
Tayasu (15 days ago) #25539365Hello, thanks for the friend request, and nice to meet you. If I may ask, to what do I owe the honour?
Hi! And no problem :) Nice to meet you as well! I just found your collection really awesome! I love that Shinobu figure!

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