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014 days agosolluxcaptorsolluxcaptor
Tenma (14 days ago) #24298689Thank you very much for the nice compliment :D
I agree a 100 % with you i was hoping there would be some new announcements for some more 765 idols or new Nendoroid Co-des but sadly there wasnt.
I see we have a lot in common with our collections i love Oreimo too
Im so jealous of your Neptune Nendoroid she is so expensive now

I was definitely hoping for more new announcements too, but there are at least a lot of nice im@s things out there and we can hope to see more! I know there's a lot I really want to hunt down for my personal collection ahaha ;;;
Good taste! :D I actually paid quite a bit for the Neptune which I would never usually spend on something so small like a Nendoroid, but I really love Nep ><;;;
014 days agosolluxcaptorsolluxcaptor
Nice IM@S collection!! It's rare to see a really big fan around but I'm happy to see the series getting some love :D It's definitely my favourite idol related series, the games are just too fun and the characters are so interesting and varied!
01 month agoSmeySmey
Tenma (2 months ago) #22241898I will definitly buy her when i have the chance i still do not have a scale of Anzu so this would be a great first 1.
Thank you, i watched a few episodes but you are right i still think the original anime is better, Did you watch it too by any chance?
Im glad you liked it
Im really sorry about replying so late

Don't worry about it!
Lately I've been very busy too orz

I hope you'll get her for sure in the future!
Worth it, for real~

Yes, I also watched the original 765pro anime. It was quite good, and loved a lot the animation by Nishigori Atsushi. I think that's one of the reasons I didn't like very much Cinderella girls anime.
02 months agoSmeySmey
Tenma (2 months ago) #21913824Thank you so much for the pictures ^U^
She looks so cute in that outfit & i see you also ordered the EXQ Anzu nice choice!
I really like the DS idols especially Eri her song is so catchy
Yes i remember those NND videos too, although i did not understand why they did show those comments at first.
I really need to watch the CG anime again i stopped watching after episode 3 and also SIde M when it is airing.
Also here is a Anzu gif for you for sharing the pics:
View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://i64.tinypic.com/345h3m8.gif

Your welcome! Glad to see they were useful to you heheh
Aah, I don't really know how it'll be the quality of the EXQ prize figures, but I can't say no to Anzu wwww

Honestly... I didn't like that much the CG anime. In the end I just watched it because of my favourite idols. I won't comment about it because I don't want to spoil anything.
I also want to watch the sideM anime, can't wait. I just want to see Jupiter and Ryou in there hahah.

Waah, thank you for the GIF!
I loved it so much ;A;
02 months agodarkfaderdarkfader
Tenma (2 months ago) #21913049Gefeliciteerd!
Maak er een leuke dag van.

Dank je! 3 leuke dagen ;)
02 months agoSmeySmey
Tenma (2 months ago) #21797483Yes you are right, thats what started it all together with DBZ, Cardcaptor Sakura & Sailor moon because they were the 1st anime broadcasted on TV.
I remember there was a lot of complaints about Xenoglossia and that it was an insult to the original series and that is when i found Go my Way on YT and the rest is history and i still love the 1st vision songs the best.
From the manga i only read the one with Ryugu Komachi & i would love to play Dearly Stars but the DSI is region locked.
Well ir ia an Alter figure so you never know but you are right about Anzu's popularity so it might rise even more in price after release.
Btw How is the Candy Island Anzu by Banpresto i would love to get her if i have the chance

I've never seen Xenoglossia, but I know it has many different things compared to the original series. They even changed the seiyuus... I think I can understand why many people hated it ww

im@s First Vision songs are so catchy~ Years ago I used to watch videos/MAD's from nico nico douga, and oh wow, it had MANY xbox im@s related videos on it. I think many people consider 1st Vision their favourite too, it was so popular ww

I'm sure that someone translated the Dearly Stars manga (Ai, Eri and Ryou ones), it's something ww
I just read a little of Ryou's and it was quite interesting.

Aah, about Candy Island Anzu, it's a very cute figure!
The quality isn't the best, but it's just a prize figure in the end. Mine doesn't have many flaws, I got pretty happy when I got her ww

I'll put some photos that I took days ago.

View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://i761.photobucket.com/albums/xx260/LarkMiharu/18446848_391411381258795_1747373107783979376_n_zpso63vryk8.jpg
02 months ago (2 months ago)SmeySmey
Tenma (2 months ago) #21626829Of course ^ U ^
I know what you mean, when you say that you like anime and manga here they assume that anime only exits of H...... and i think there are not a lot of Im@s fans here in Holland so its always nice to talk to fans on the internet.
Well it all started fot me with the 765 Idols so i always have a special place for them in my heart
I like the other franchises too but not as much.
I never played the CG games but i definitly would recommend Im@s 2 because it is better then the original.
Yeah i remember that too and with a little luck you could get in cheaper pre-owned whicg was nice
I might pick it up but it must first go on sale if that ever happens..

I understand. It must be very important to you ;A;
Honestly, I've only read some 765pro manga related and it was quite interesting, and I've played Dearly Stars (just a little, because of my lack of Japanese language, I couldn't continue anymore ww).

I'm not sure if preorder ALTER Anzu or just wait after release...
Because I've seen a lot of im@s figures on the preowned section, most of them are very cheap D:
Anzu's very popular and I'm unsure, maybe she'll sell more than other characters. I don't know ww.
02 months ago (2 months ago)SmeySmey
Tenma (2 months ago) #21579531Nah dont worry about it if Paypal is that unfriendly and unsafe it is they"re problem and
now i do not have to worry about customs anymore ^_^
Just one tip never link your bank account to Paypal it will save you a lot of trouble!
Of course, Thank you very much its always nice to have another Im@s fan as friend here on MFC.
Yes she sure is lovely the outfit sure is detailed and she comes with her bunny
which is a huge bonus for me.
Only downside will be the price i just picked up collecting again after 2 years and i was really shocked on how the prices have increased for figures.

Thanks to you! For accepting the FR heheh. It's nice to talk with someone about im@s, here in my country it's pretty rare to find someone who enjoys it. Kinda lonely www
Do you like all the franchise? For me, I just know things about Cinderella Girls (Deresute). It's the only game that I've played orz. I would like to play the other ones too, like the original 765pro ones.

About Anzu's figure, sure it's lovely (I loved everything, even the bunny looks pretty cute in there www), but the price she'll have...
It's too much, I always remember the times the scales cost around 7k yen orz
But... I think I'll buy her anyway, because I like Anzu's character very much. I can't say no to her ;A;

Also thanks for the tip!
02 months agoSmeySmey
Tenma (2 months ago) #21556731Yeah it really sucked and the worst of all Paypal did not help at all but after 3 months it was resolved and the money was refunded and mow im trying to contact them about changing the e-mail adress but still nothing, i could consider open up another account but i do not think Paypal would allow it.
I know especially some Azusa figures i wanted are pretty cheap oh well maybe someday
How do you like Alter's Anzu so far?

Wow, that's... awful, pretty unfair orz. Sorry again about it.
Hey, if you don't mind, can I send you a friend request? It's okay if you don't want to btw C:
About ALTER Anzu, I LOVED her so much! I loved everything about the figure ;A;

I really really want to get her! Namakemono Fairy costume is so beautiful <3
02 months agoCho-LinCho-Lin Never enough iM@S ♥
Whoa, that's a really impressive iM@S collection you have there, such dedication! :O I'm also considering to start one, just way way smaller and focused around Cinderella Girls. The recent iM@S figure prices are breaking my heart though orz. I wish you good luck with expanding your collection even more!
02 months agoSmeySmey
Tenma (2 months ago) #21510439Yes i have seen her pop up there from time to time sadly my Paypal was hacked so i cannot use it anymore which sucks since i loved Amiami very much for their pre-owned section and sales.

That sounds pretty bad... I'm sorry about it ;A;
But, is it possible to get another account for you? Sorry, I'm kind of ignorant and don't really know about this kind of things.
(And yeah, amiami pre-owned section has a lot of nice prices, especially in the im@s section).
02 months agoSmeySmey
Tenma (2 months ago) #21479636Thank you very much ^ U ^
I love your Anzu avatar & figure by Koto im still a little bummed out i missed that figure

Heheh, thanks! I love Anzu very much I think ww

Sometimes I see Kotobukiya Anzu in amiami pre-owned section at a reasonable price.
Maybe you can search in there :0
02 months agoSmeySmey
Love your Idolm@ster collection! ;A;
03 months agoshckwvshckwv
Happy Birthday!
03 months agoMia-chanMia-chan ねんどろいどが大好き!
Happy Birthday Tenma! :3
03 months agodarkfaderdarkfader
Happy birthday!
03 months agobuffoonbuffoon
Tenma, hope you have had a wonderful birthday ^o^ filled with figures and wishes!
01 year agoRajuraRajura
Happy belated... I didn't realize I had been gone for so long!
01 year agoKibiKibi Prisma Kibino
Happy Birthday, Tenma-chan!
01 year ago (1 year ago)darkfaderdarkfader
Fijne verjaardag!

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